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Exercise and You

Exercise and You

exercise_n_uMost of my clients dread it when I mention the “exercise” word. It is expected for dietitians to give a magic formula to lose weight and vanish the fat in their bodies. It takes time for it to sink in, that exercise is the key to lose weight and also to maintain it.

“It is very tough to exercise”, “I don’t have the time, I am too busy with my work”, “Exercise gives me less time with my family” etc etc etc are some of the common excuses I receive.

Women especially find it more tougher to get into a healthier routine as the amount of commitments generally pile up and hence exercise takes a back seat.

Firstly All need to take time out for themselves. The perfect time is when you exercise. Taking a walk down the park can really perk up ones senses. Walking on the treadmill with good, energetic music can leave you peppy and happy. Yoga practiced with soothing music can really cool you down and make you more relaxed.

Do not think exercise is a smelly sweaty session always. It pays to sweat through exercise as it burns calories, keeps weight in check, maintains or reduces your cholesterol and blood sugar levels and makes you fit into clothes which you would always want to  wear.

Enjoy exercising!!!!