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Multigrain: Real or fake

Multigrain: Real or fake


Eating whole grains is necessary to get our much needed carbohydrates, the major source of fuel for our body. If you drop into a supermarket, it gets very confusing to chose the right grains. The latest trend seen is “multigrain“. Now is it for real? Do not confuse this term for whole grain.

Let me elaborate on this. “Whole grain” means when its bran, germ and endosperm are present intact. This is the superior type of carbohydrate.”Multigrain” means that the product comprises of several grains, but it does not specify “whole grain” present in it. Grain such as ragi, wheat, maize etc do not add up to whole grain. Most of these products contain very little whole grain and most of the grains are refined. You will need to look closely at the label to see whats added. Do not get fooled by 5 grain or 7 grain breads and other multigrain products.

Food companies can go to any length to make their product sound “healthy”. Read labels and look for the prefix “whole” in front of the gains added. Out of the seven grains,atleast 4-5 grains would be whole. Stick to whole grain, not mutigrain!!!

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