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Do you need to throw the rice water away?

Do you need to throw the rice water away?

rice_waterRice is one of the most misunderstood food in India. It is assumed that you will gain weight if you eat rice. Rice is healthy and contains nutrients.

It is considered fine to eat maida, white sugar in a weight loss diet by many of my clients, but if I tell them to eat rice, they think I am misguiding them. Although white rice is not healthy, brown rice is the healthiest. Rice is rich in vitamin Bs which help in better breaking down of food. They are rich in manganese, magnesium, selenium etc. Those who eat diets poor in manganese are said to have sugar craving after food as manganese helps to maintain normal blood sugars and also those who eat white rice.

But I have heard from my clients that they throw away the rice water after cooking, assuming that all the calories are thrown away and they of course, doing the right thing. But when you throw away rice water, even the nutrients are drained out.

To retain nutrients, cook rice in less water and see that the water imbibes into it. This retains the nutrients and is said to be more healthier. Now you may think what about calories? Yes, starch is high in calories, but provides you with needed calories. All you need to do is eat lesser portions. Eating lesser portions of cooked rice will keep weight in check and also keep you healthy as you are getting all the vitamins and minerals

So next time do no throw away the rice water.

P.S. I cook rice in the microwave cooker, it is much faster and healthier. Next time try Kohinoor Basmati’s brown rice basmathi which tastes great and is healthier than plain basmathi white rice.