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How Meditation can help you lose weight fast

How Meditation can help you lose weight fast


Are you familiar with the saying “it’s all in the mind.”? Did you ever think that this saying is also applicable in terms of weight loss? Yes! Weight loss is not just about exercising, eating less, following weight loss plans and the like. It can also be about meditation. In fact, meditation is considered to be one of the best methods that will help you to take control of your own self.

Meditation is an activity that changes you inside and out. Once you get into the practice of meditation, no one will have to twist your arm just to make you live a healthy lifestyle, Because this will become a natural choice for you! Although you won’t burn many calories while you are undergoing a typical meditation
session, meditation may be one of the most important practices you will do in your effort to lose some weight.

You see, the power of mind is one of the most powerful forces that will drive you towards your weight loss journey. In practicing any weight loss plan that is designed to help you manifest your weight
loss goal, it is important to remember to always be positive. It is true that losing weight is generally more about physical activities however all of our actions begin in our minds. Here are a few
meditation tips that you can use as you try to lose weight.

Meditation for weight loss

In meditating for weight loss, you should pick a time and place wherein you wouldn’t be interrupted. Put on some on some soft instrumental music or nature sounds CD as background music. Keep the
volume low, just enough to block some distracting noise.

As you use meditation in your weight loss diet plan, it would be best if you would imagine yourself slim and healthy as you walk along your favorite spot such as beach or park. See your slim and beautiful reflection as you pass shop windows along the way. Feel how much energetic and lighter your body feels. And most importantly, feel that skip in your step once again and always think positive! As you use meditation in your weight loss diet plan, it would be best if you would imagine yourself slim and healthy as you walk along your favorite spot such as beach or park. See your slim and beautiful reflection as you pass shop windows along the way. Feel how much
energetic and lighter your body feels. And most importantly, feel that skip in your step once again and always think positive!

Try to meditate every day if possible. In fact, According to the book “Meditating to Attain a Healthy Body Weight,” by Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D, you should meditate at least five days a week, for about 15
minutes at a time. Do it consistently for at least six weeks to gain better understanding of your body and your connection to foods and your weight.

Successful meditation is often categorized into three things and these are: good posture, learning to breathe and attitude. If you do not know how to relax and enjoy quiet time, then meditating might not be the thing for you. You also need to learn how to focus. If you spend your 30-minute meditation time daydreaming about a holiday at the beach then this won’t do much for your weight-loss efforts.

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Health Benefits of Bok Choy

Health Benefits of Bok Choy

bok choy

The latest addition to my vegetable section in my refrigerator is bok choy. I just could not resist the vibrant green color and I had to try it out. Although it is part of the chinese cuisine, it can still be used in Indian cooking and has lot of health benefits.

It belongs to the cabbage family. It is ideal to be added in stir fries and soups. Last but not the least, it is widely known for its health benefits.

So lets have a look at the health benefits this dynamo provides

  • Bok Choy is very low in calories and hence can be a part of a low calorie diet. It hardly gives 10-15kcal for 100gms. Hence ideal for weight loss.
  • Bok Choy is rich in fiber which is an essential nutrient in the diet, known to clear the digestive system and is very filling because of its fiber content.
  • Bok Choy Helps to keep the blood pressure in check, as it is rich in potassium and calcium.
  • Bok Choy  is rich in antioxidants such as carotenoids, hence prevents cancers and cataracts.
  • Bok Choy is Rich in folate, thereby prevents anemia and is ideal for the pregnant woman in the first trimester to prevent neural tube defects in the foetus.
  • Bok Choy As it is naturally rich in vitamin C, it helps in the absorption of elemental iron present in bok choy.
  • Bok Choy Helps in strengthening the immune system and protects against diseases and infections.
  • Bok Choy Helps to strengthen the bones as it is rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin K.

We can say that bok choy is a cornucopia of vitamins and minerals and is absolutely great to be included in the diet. Go ahead and try it out.

Obstacles to Weight loss

Obstacles to Weight loss

weight lossI always tell my clients that weight loss is like a trekking trip. The right gear and the correct trail can help you through the trip. But a lot of pitfalls can hinder your weight loss trip.

So lets have a look at the pitfalls we can avoid to successfully lose weight, even if you have a good meal and exercise plan to follow.

  • You do not eat on time –Missing your meal timings is not a great idea. Most of the times I plan based on what timings are convenient, so that they can eat at their convenience. But if these timings are not followed, weight loss can slow down. keeping a lot of gaps between your meals can make your overeat later in the day.
  • Skipping meals for faster weight loss –My clients are eager to skip meals or commonly want to skip dinner and eat only fruits and salads. This is not advisable as our body craves for energy. Hence the best solution is to eat a small meal 2 hours before bed time which has good carbohydrates, protein and fats.
  • Poor priority to exercise –Exercise is very important to weight loss but skipping it arrests weight loss. See that you hit the gym at least 4 times a week if you want to look better.
  • Drinking less water-Drinking less water can dehydrate you as well as make you get confused with hunger and thirst cravings. Hence drink enough of water.
  • Chronic Sleep deprivation does not help –Sleep deprivation can stress your body and stress can increase your cravings. Hence get good 6-8 hours of sleep to be refreshed.

Try your best to overcome these obstacles for effective weight loss.

Capsicum- A nutritional sizzler….

Capsicum- A nutritional sizzler….

Capsicum or bell peppers are a commonly used veggie in our diet. If you have noticed refrigerator advertisements on television,you may have noticed these veggies being stacked,making them very colorful, and making you decide that this is the product for you.

Although this veggie is not of Indian origin, it is widely accepted in our cuisine. It comes in various colors such as green, yellow and reds. Great to add in salads, stir fries, food decorations etc.

Lets have a look at their nutritional benefits.

Various health benefits

  • Cancer prevention– These peppers add a lot of colour to our diet. They are rich on Vitamin C and Beta carotene, plant form of vitamin A and these are the most important antioxidants. These help to clear the cancer causing substances called as free radicals. These free radicals damage our cells and cause cancers of various kinds.
  • Promotes heart health-The free radicals produced on eating unhealthy also damage our blood vessels and cause atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries. The antioxidants present in capsicum help to clear these free radicals. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases as they provide folic acid and vitamin B6 which prevent the elevation of levels of homocysteine, which is responsible for damage of the blood vessels. Hence helps to prevent heart attacks and stroke.The fiber present also helps to decrease the cholesterol levels as well as triglycerides.
  • Better Eye sight– The Vitamin C present cuts down the risk of cancer. The beta carotene or vitamin A content of red and orange varieties improves eyesight.
  • Helps in weight loss– As the water and fiber content is high in peppers, It helps in weight loss as it increases the metabolic rate and helps in burning calories.
  • Helps fight infections- It improves our immunity and wards of cold, fever and many other infections.
  • Prevents arthritis- It has been studied that diets poor in Vitamin C can increase the risk of arthritis, hence the vitamin C from capsicum helps to prevent arthritis.

Phew!!!! The list can go on. I love having capsicum as a midday snack as juliennes or strips of capsicum pieces. It helps to mimic the feel of french fries or wafers and they are nutritionally great compared to fries or chips.

So do not forget to pack them in your snack box and a salad is never complete with these veggies!!!!!

You are on diet, But you are gaining Weight?

You are on diet, But you are gaining Weight?

gaining_weightWeight loss is a constant struggle. OK, I may sound non motivating, but it is a fact. Weight loss happens when a person is persistent and true to one’s self and also by not being critical about how their bodies look. I have this certain client who inspired me to write this article.

A client of mine who was coming to me on a regular basis, was showing constant weight loss. But in the last 2 months,he had been struggling to keep the weight off. In fact, he was gaining weight. He was upset(obviously) and he felt that I was not helping him out and I was holding back information. FYI, He had been asked to follow a 1500 Kcal diet and to exercise daily.

First I told him to relax and tell me about his diet. I was surprised to see what he was doing.

  • He was eating erratically as and when he wants.
  • Many a times, he ended up eating more in the evening.
  • He was not keeping a check on calories.
  • He was compensating by eating lesser according to him, it would jump start weight loss.
  • He kept focusing too much on the fact that he was on a “diet”.
  • He was eating a lot of low fat products.

Here’s his argument: “I am eating the same quantity of food as per the calories you have prescribed. I am also exercising regularly and I have paid a lot to hire a personal trainer. I have started eating low fat yogurt, low fat biscuits, Low fat ice cream. I cant concentrate at work because I am not eating healthy. I feel guilty. I have even started going on liquid diets to compensate. Are you not telling me how to go about further?”

This man had gone completely away from what I had asked him to follow. He was not keeping a check on the calorie intake, he was eating extra 200 calories per day. He was eating a lot of low fat products. Low fat means reduced calories, not calorie free. So he was not controlling portions and ended up eating more than he needed.

He was also eating erratically, not as we had planned to eat on time. He felt that he can eat at anytime as long as the calorie intake remains the same. His liquid diets made him eat more the next day. Guilt, guilt, guilt!!!!

All this had slowed down his metabolism. So had his weight loss slowed down.

Immediately, I got him on track. I asked him to start eating on time. To avoid all binges in the evening even if it is within the calorie intake. To clear out all the low fat products. He was anyways exercising, so that was one area I did not have to worry. Mainly, I asked him to stop focusing on “diet”, but to focus on healthy eating. A diet is temporary, but healthy eating is life long and to relax.

Now he is back on track losing weight consistently and both of us are happy now.