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You are on diet, But you are gaining Weight?

You are on diet, But you are gaining Weight?

gaining_weightWeight loss is a constant struggle. OK, I may sound non motivating, but it is a fact. Weight loss happens when a person is persistent and true to one’s self and also by not being critical about how their bodies look. I have this certain client who inspired me to write this article.

A client of mine who was coming to me on a regular basis, was showing constant weight loss. But in the last 2 months,he had been struggling to keep the weight off. In fact, he was gaining weight. He was upset(obviously) and he felt that I was not helping him out and I was holding back information. FYI, He had been asked to follow a 1500 Kcal diet and to exercise daily.

First I told him to relax and tell me about his diet. I was surprised to see what he was doing.

  • He was eating erratically as and when he wants.
  • Many a times, he ended up eating more in the evening.
  • He was not keeping a check on calories.
  • He was compensating by eating lesser according to him, it would jump start weight loss.
  • He kept focusing too much on the fact that he was on a “diet”.
  • He was eating a lot of low fat products.

Here’s his argument: “I am eating the same quantity of food as per the calories you have prescribed. I am also exercising regularly and I have paid a lot to hire a personal trainer. I have started eating low fat yogurt, low fat biscuits, Low fat ice cream. I cant concentrate at work because I am not eating healthy. I feel guilty. I have even started going on liquid diets to compensate. Are you not telling me how to go about further?”

This man had gone completely away from what I had asked him to follow. He was not keeping a check on the calorie intake, he was eating extra 200 calories per day. He was eating a lot of low fat products. Low fat means reduced calories, not calorie free. So he was not controlling portions and ended up eating more than he needed.

He was also eating erratically, not as we had planned to eat on time. He felt that he can eat at anytime as long as the calorie intake remains the same. His liquid diets made him eat more the next day. Guilt, guilt, guilt!!!!

All this had slowed down his metabolism. So had his weight loss slowed down.

Immediately, I got him on track. I asked him to start eating on time. To avoid all binges in the evening even if it is within the calorie intake. To clear out all the low fat products. He was anyways exercising, so that was one area I did not have to worry. Mainly, I asked him to stop focusing on “diet”, but to focus on healthy eating. A diet is temporary, but healthy eating is life long and to relax.

Now he is back on track losing weight consistently and both of us are happy now.

Nuts and healthy weight

Nuts and healthy weight

nuts_healthyNuts is always a debatable topic. People have this preconceived notion about nuts and weight gain. Weight gain from nuts occurs when then nuts are deep fried and if you eat more than 100 grams of nuts. People who eat nuts do not gain weight. This is because the nutrients and fat in nuts keeps you full and also for a longer time. If you eat nuts as a snack in between your big meals, then you are less likely to hog in the other meals. They are not high in carbs and are in hydrogenated oils such as chips and pretzels which are never satisfying as they say “no one can eat just one”.

Protein from nuts gives satiety and keeps hunger away and fats give you instant energy. I always carry 5 almonds and 5 walnuts to office. I snack on it in between meals and presto! instant energy. I feel much better and energized. I can think more clearly and my sugar levels do not go low so I am not starving myself. It saves me a lot of cafeteria raids and hence saves me from unwanted refined carbs and oils.

Somehow it keeps me from gorging on food especially at lunch and feel lighter through out the evening. I naturally end up eating lesser as I have had a good snack and I am not famished.

So dont blame the poor guys for your weight gain but look into your eating habits and snacking habits. So do not forget your handful of nuts daily.