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How to lose weight on Weekends…

How to lose weight on Weekends…

weekend bingeThe most common question my clients ask is, “Can I go easy on the weekend and eat a bit more?” or “Do I need to follow the diet on a weekend?”. Now that got me thinking why some of my clients are unable to keep up with the diet plans consistently and see very slow weight loss and do not break plateaus.

Typical weekend picture for most of the clients, after the five day controlled eating and exercising is as follows

  • Friday Night is mostly movie time with buttered popcorn(but of course, a large tub sometimes caramelized and cheese), fizzy drink (diet is bad too) or nachos with a fatty dip.
  • Wake up late on Saturday morning. Breakfast is at 12:00pm and hence all the meals are delayed. Drinking and eating binges happen on a Saturday night.
  • Now most of you wake up with a hangover on a Sunday morning. Even eating binges too can make you feel sick the next day. You are tired, dehydrated and feel bloated.
  • Gym and exercise is totally forgotten over the weekends.
  • You say every Sunday night ‘from tomorrow I am on schedule’ as you shudder on looking at the diet chart plastered on the fridge.

weekend-friendsNow I do not say that it has to be the same strict routine, but if you need to meet your goals and get healthy, here are a few tips to follow.

  • Stop opting for combo meals, large tubs of popcorn or large Pepsi’s. Share the combos and ask for regular salted popcorn. It is okay to have some salt, but salt makes you thirsty, so buy mineral water rather than Pepsi before you enter the theatre.  Skip the diet coke, but an occasional once a month treat is okay.
  • You can eat out and still lose weight. Try to eat at places where they serve you healthy salads, low cal soups, grilled veggies or meat. Avoid the biryani, pasta with white sauces, deep fried wontons, russian salads etc. Opt for steamed dimsums, pasta in red sauce and try to avoid the dessert or if you have to, then share it.
  • Avoid buffet meals as much as possible. Do not pile your plate at a buffet as that is the tendency. Take small portions and stop when full. Make healthier choices such as clear soups over creamy soups, only one main course, salads without dressing, fish over meats, fruits rather than ice cream and pasteries.
  • Weekend drinking is the real problem as alcoholic drinks are high in calories. But now lets not put a dent on your social life. Choose a small portion of a drink and have it with soda and water. Opt for a glass of wine, rather than a bottle. Beer is no good as well as other alcoholic drinks too. Eat before you drink, or you will feel like topping up the drink.
  • Continue to workout on the weekends. Yes, you can take a break on Sunday but maybe a walk in the park or at the beach, some house hold chores such as vacuuming, walking to market etc can help too.
  • Try to wake up at a better timing. Lets say half to one hour later than your usual wake up timings is totally fine. You can nap in the noon for half hour or so.
  • Try to have cookouts at home with friends, so that you can have control over the menu too.

Let your weekends not be sluggish and lazy. Focus on your goals and health and wake up to a brighter, healthier and happier Monday.

So,  Do you Watch your diet on weekends?