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Exercise daily for stronger bones

Exercise daily for stronger bones

female_liftin_dumbells.topIt is impossible to lose weight if a low calorie diet is not combined with exercise. As we know, exercise burns off extra calories and fat, improves the metabolism and there’s more to it. Exercising regularly can improve your bone density. Constant dieting can make you lose calcium from bones. It is always advisable to take advise from a dietitian as they will provide you healthy diets with adequate calcium and other minerals.

It has been constantly observed that when a low calorie diet is followed by many of my clients, they cut out milk products worrying about fat content. Hence there is a decrease in calcium intake and hence a decrease in bone density. This increases the risk for osteoporosis.

Hence combine a low calorie diet with exercise. Weight training is very important as it can induce new bone production. Weight bearing exercise such as jogging on the treadmill, walking too can help. So keep walking consistently to prevent bone loss.

Do not make excuses to skip exercise. Now you know why!!!!