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When should you take your multivitamin…

When should you take your multivitamin…

multivitaminYou are eating healthy, exercising daily and following a healthy lifestyle. But when you are doing really good, you may feel you can do better. The answer lies in a multivitamin supplement.

But why do you need a multivitamin supplement?
This can help you to fill up the lacuna if you are not eating a variety of foods to avail the various nutrients. A multivitamin is not a solution to all problems. It is just a preventive strategy, not a solution to all.

A multivitamin should be a single pill and not a variety out of a catelogue and also not a fist full of colorful tidbits.

Always take a multivitamin with a meal. This is because it gets better absorbed when taken with food. Breakfast is a good time to take your multi for better utilization.