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Are Sugar free products good for Diabetics?

Are Sugar free products good for Diabetics?

main_sugarfree_oatmealShopping in a supermarket is my favorite experience and I love rummaging through the different products on the shelves. Reading nutrition labels and checking the prices are my main priorities.

I was just moving about in the super market the other day and my eyes fell on a section meant for diabetic patients. There was an interesting range of sugar free cookies, chocolates, biscuits, jams, peanut butter, juices etc.I started reading the labels and that gave me a real shock.

I had picked up the box of sugar free cookies and the labels said that it contains sucralose which is an artificial sugar and it also contains invert sugar. If you look into my article http://nutrihealth.in/2008/05/25-names-for-sugar/ it gives all the commercial names of sugar. So if they say its sugar free, what is a commercial form of sugar doing in these products?

I found sugar free peanut butter of which the label says it has glucose in it and they say it is good for diabetic patients. Juices can be made with out sugar, but since it does not have fiber, it is another form of sugar fructose. Maltodextrins are also added to many products to sweeten your taste buds.

So food products meant for diabetics can be a hoax. Sugar free products are more expensive than the regular ones and they are cashing on the demands of health food. So it is much better to buy the regular sweetened products than the sugar free products, as they are anyway sneaking in sugar. Beware of what you pick up. You cannot blame them for this as they need to sell the products and keep happy customers. But you can read labels and get smarter.