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Are you getting enough calcium in a day?

Are you getting enough calcium in a day?

milk_calciumA client of mine during a counseling session told me that she has stopped drinking milk as someone told her that it can make her fat. If she has been avoiding milk, she has been losing out on calcium…

Calcium is a mineral which makes up our bones and teeth. It helps in muscle contraction, nerve function,blood clotting etc

Calcium also triggers weight loss and has been proved by various studies. It has proven to reduce fat and cut down weight. It helps to reduce blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure.

It is recommended that one should take 1000-1200mg of calcium per day.

Let us have a look at the various sources of calcium which mainly is dairy.

  • Milk- opt for fat free or 1% fat milk. Drink at least 2 glasses per day. Helps to prevent strokes, heart attack, osteoporosis and may be even cancers.
  • Yogurt- I do not suggest fat free varieties as there is no much difference in the calories I have read on labels. But If you do come across authentic brands, go for them. Yogurt can be a post workout snack  or a late afternoon snack.
  • Soya milk which is fortified with calcium and tofu made out of soya milk is a good source of calcium.
  • Cheese- yummy to eat, opt for low fat varieties and you can eat a cube or a single or melt it on a salad, whole wheat slice or in pasta.
  • Cottage cheese- can be had as a snack with stir fry veggies.

By adding these dairy products in your diet, you can avail the much needed calcium from these diets.