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Water Melon – A Cure for High Blood Pressure

Water Melon – A Cure for High Blood Pressure


One of the most popular fruits for sale in summer time stacked along the streets so nicely wherever you go, is Water melon. Water melon is very cooling to the body when eaten  sweet, a healthy fruit which can  be even called King of fruits because of its elephantine size.  What dissuades me from buying one and sending  me back home without carrying  one is that 35 to 40% of the fruit is thrown off as waste, namely the rinds and the outer greenish skin. In the end what we eat and enjoy is  the red fleshy portion of the melon.

A Chinese friend of mine now settled in Singapore, told me once that Water melon rinds also are edible and we Indians are the only ones throwing them away, not knowing its food value. He also told me that in China they stir-fry it, stew it and even pickle it with olive oil as preservative.

Throwing away the water melon rinds and wasting them is always at the back of my mind. It may be quite a surprise to readers to know that once I prepared a dish from the water melon rinds. To my mind,  water melon  is  like Ashguard or bottle guard and  the preparation from the rinds I made,  was  similar to the dish prepared from Ashguard.

Coming back to the topic on Water Melon, I must mention that my Chinese friend , further gave me some very valuable tips and advices on selecting a good ready to eat water melon from a pile of such melons. Here they are:-

Pick up a melon , one that is nicely and geometrically shaped and then

  1. With palm open, slap the melon outside. A high pitched tone indicates that the melon is still green. Otherwise under-ripe. Reject it.
  2. A dull sound or dead thud is the sign of Over-ripe when you slap the melon. If you like overripe melons, go for it otherwise reject it.
  3. A deep pitched tone is the sign of a Ripe melon, ready to eat, which you can safely buy and take home.

Before buying the water melon, try the above tests on a number of other water melons one after another and you will gradually learn to know the differences in the sound.

Now that we have  selected a good melon, I will end this article with a small note on the medicinal property of the rinds and green skin of water melon which we throw away.

The rinds are specific cure for High Blood Pressure and general Vitality.

The rinds of water melon are a fantastic cure for high blood pressure and to calm down the nerves of hypertensive people. Watermelon or “Kalingar” as it is popularly called is available in abundance in summer. Unfortunately, people eat only the red juicy part and discard the white rind and the outer green skin, which possesses miraculous properties. The outer green and white part of this fruit is to be juiced in a domestic juicer. The resultant green juice is to be consumed. This  has helped patients with high blood pressure. This juice also has a general cooling effect on the entire body.