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Eggs for smarter babies

Eggs for smarter babies

I keep getting a lot of queries via email. Some of the queries are very interesting and may help many more of my readers. These queries usually remain in my inbox and lie forgotten after I have replied to them. So here’s one query, a concerned parent asked me.


Hello Sanjana,

I have gone through your articles in Nutrihealth. They are really good (Thanks). I have a small question about boiled egg yolk… Is it safe to feed my 1 1/2yr  kid  “boiled egg yolk regularly.. My parents say that it is not good…. but I am not sure about that. Please advise me regarding this…..

My reply:

Egg yolks supply cholesterol, which is needed for mental development. Remember, babies need fats. I have seen many mothers omitting fat out of their babies diets. This is not acceptable. Eggs also contain omega-3 fatty acids that stimulate brain development. Feeding Your baby one egg yolk every day from the age of five or six months will provide these essential nutrients.

It also provides the mineral Iron, reserves of which get exhausted in the body after the age of 6 months. If Iron is not supplemented through diet, then anemia can occur. The common signs of anemia are pale skin, lack of energy, loss of appetite, brittle nails( this indicates protein intake is also poor). But these symptoms may not be seen at all.

It also contains Vitamin A which is needed for good eye sight, better immunity and healthy skin. Vitamin B12 also present in yolks too can prevent anemia. This vitamin is not readily available in all the foods, hence yolks for babies can be a boon.

It is rich in protein too, hence will help your baby to grow well.

Do not forget to “Hard boil the egg” and start feeding your baby with a teaspoon of yolk only. If your child is digesting it well, then you can gradually give a whole yolk to the baby. You can either crumble a hard-boiled egg yolk and mix it with other foods or scramble the yolk in a pan with coconut oil or butter. If your toddler has already started eating solid food, you can apply the yolk puree on bread. You can add it to custards as well.

Do not give your baby raw eggs or soft-boiled eggs because of the slight chance of salmonella contamination.

Avoid the whites until the age of 2 years as whites are the main culprits of allergies. Egg yolk allergies are rarer.

So now you know why your baby needs eggs.