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Steps to stick to your new diet….

Steps to stick to your new diet….

stick_to_new_dietMany clients of mine say that they find it very tough to stick to the diet plan I have given them as they cant control their cravings.

Timings when cravings hit are mostly in the afternoons and late in the evenings. So how do you tackle them? Yes, there are solutions.

Firstly, learn to differentiate between hunger and thirst. If you have eaten and after sometime still have a craving to eat, Drink water if you get this feeling, you may be thirsty.

If you are asked to finish dinner early and especially in the early stages of following a low calorie diet, you may be hit with hunger pangs. To control this either have milk and fruit or yogurt. Fruits can freshen you up with a little sugar surge and the protein gives you the feeling of fullness. Rather than tearing open a packet of chips which should not be lurking about in your house, keep the low calorie snacks ready.

Binge eating during the day can be controlled by keeping a fruit bowl in your bag, flavoured buttermilk mixed with soda. Take up an activity which burns calories. Rather than taking a long snooze in the noon or just whiling away time, hit the gym about 2 hours after lunch. If you have had a very light lunch, you can hit the gym a little lesser than 2 hours.

Sweet cravings need to be handled well as the calories they provide are terrifying. Hence first task clear out the refrigerator of all the sweets. You feel very low and would really want to grab a sweet, go for a fruit or 2-3 dates.

What if you can stick to the servings planned by the dietitian or in simple words the quantity prescribed for you, eat salads so that you don’t overeat. A bowl of soup too can be satisfying.

Alcohol can add a lot of calories hence try to stay away from them. You can have a small glass of wine or try to dilute the drink with a lot of water. I suggest skip the drink.

All what you need is good will power. Try these tricks and see the magical difference.

Plan your diet-before hand

Plan your diet-before hand

So you have now decided to start on a diet and made goals and plans with all eagerness. Visited a dietitian with all zest, came back home after a session from the dietitian with your head filled with lots of information and a diet chart. You plastered it up on your fridge door and followed it for three days and then you slip away. This is a common scenario you may see and end up giving up your healthy routine.

How to deal with it

Plan…This is very important. Plan for a week or at least plan what your food routine will be for the next day. This is very important to prevent lapses. You may go to the super market, pick up fresh fruit and vegetables and organic products and stack it up well. When you come from home from work all tired and lazy too cook,you end up eating frozen meals or end up eating anything in the vicinity and you are left feeling guilty.

So if the dietitian has given you a plan. Expand it for a week. Check what groceries you have and plan your meals. Paste them on the fridge so that when you come back from work you know what you need to make. Make a few pre-preparations such as boiling sprouts, making stocks, boiling pasta etc. Make low calorie sandwich stuffings which you can use in a jiffy for lunch. Keep nuts in you bag. They come in handy as a snack anytime.

Keep vegetable soups and salads in the refrigerator,so that if you feel very tired to cook immediately all you can do is just heat and have them and then can progress to cooking.

So plan your meals for the day and you will be eating healthy as planned.