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Milk and its health benefits

Milk and its health benefits

agda_07_riverina_milk 12Although most of us do need a description of milk, but its health benefits being innumerable are not known by all.

Milk is a part of almost every individual in the world. Have you ever given to thought to what health benefits can milk give. It is a complete health drink and contain almost all nutrients except for iron and vitamin C.

Milk comes in various fat percentages which you can buy depending on your need. It is advisable for adults to opt for low fat varieties.

Firstly, it is a good source of protein which can give 3.2 grams of protein for 100ml. It is a complete protein source which does not require any kind of combination with other food source. Hence is said to be the best source of protein for vegetarians. Children too need milk for optimum growth and body repair and maintenance for adults.

It is a good source of energy as it has milk sugar lactose.

The fat in milk harbors the fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A and D. Vitamin A is very important for the immune system and therefore helps prevent poor vision and blindness.

Bones benefit a lot from milk as it provides calcium, vitamin D for healthier bones. Calcium and phosphate in milk together for the mineral complex which give structure and strength to the bones. It helps to prevent the bone loss that occurs during middle ages.

The calcium present also prevents migraine and eases pre-menstrual syndrome.

Milk also contains riboflavin and vitamin B12 which help in energy production and proper nerve functioning. Vitamin B also prevents anemia and helps in the production of red blood cells. Riboflavin content helps in cardiovascular benefits. The potassium content in milk protects the heart and helps to maintain blood pressure and also for proper nerve transmission. Hence milk is heart friendly. It is also said to cut down the risk of cancers such as breast cancer and and colon cancer.

It can also help to ease constipation if isabgol is added to warm milk.

Peanuts and health

Peanuts and health

healthy_nutsNuts are always in the debate and it has been stuck in the mind that they are “high calorie” and “cholesterol increasing food” for decades. We really need to come out of the fact that are teeny weeny devils.

Once such culprit is peanuts which has been a favorite for all ages. It is a leisure snack, have their place in between sandwiches and in salads. It is every kids favorite and they do pack in a lot of nutrition and also offer a variety of health benefits.

Various benefits

They are rich sources of protein and is rich in many minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese, potassium etc. They are also rich sources for vitamin B’s hence can keep many minor deficiencies away and also protect our brain health as well as minerals like calcium keep our bones healthy.

They are very good source of monounsaturated fats, which is very heart friendly and lowers the risk of heart disease and they do not contain cholesterol.

They are also good sources of vitamin E and oliec acids which have anti-oxidant properties which can give fruits a run for their money.

It is rich in niacin another B group vitamin which provides protection from Alzheimers disease and other age related disease which can cause a decline in mental health.

The chemical named resveratrol are said to have anti-cancer effects and hence are said to provide protection against colon cancer and also has anti-aging properties.

Now how do you include peanuts in your diet?

You can sprinkle them in your salads or in vegetable and chicken stir fry and how can we forget peanut butter in the sandwiches.

So 10-15 peanuts are very good for our health.

But roast them at very low heat as they can carry fungal toxins such as aflatoxins which can be fatal. peanuts also contain oxalates which can cause kidney stones so drink enough to water to dilute the  oxalate concentrates. They also contain goitrogens which interfere with the functioning of the thyroid glands so roasting can inactivate these compounds.

Otherwise they are healthy and safe to be had. So enjoy peanuts in your diet.