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What causes Fatty Liver

What causes Fatty Liver


Before discussing about “Fatty Liver’, let us learn something about the organ itself.

-Liver-  is also called The “Silent” organ in the body.

Generally people talk about their teeth, hair, lungs, heart, face etc, but very rarely about Liver and its existence, even though Liver happens to be the largest organ in one’s body weighing roughly one and a half kilos. It resides in the upper right part of one’s abdomen, well protected by ribs. It is said that it does more than 500 types of jobs and if any one of its major jobs  fails  , one can better start making funeral arrangements. One can not  find any  other way of over-emphasizing the importance of this vital organ in the human body than mentioning it in the manner  as above.

Liver  participates virtually in everything, as for example, it provides muscle fuel, if one wants to play a game of Golf, digest one’s breakfast, manufacture the Vitamins that helps one’s night vision and so on. Its job is endless. This being so, is it not one’s duty to take care of this vital organ from diseases? protect it from any damage? and at least minimum care, so that it can do its job silently and help one to lead a healthy life free from diseases.

Hepatitis, Fatty liver, Cirrhosis, Cancer, etc, are some of the common diseases affecting the liver.

Now lets just discuss about Fatty Liver

What is Fatty Liver?

Fatty liver is a condition where fat or triglycerides deposit in the liver.Some fat in the liver is mormal, but if it makes up more than five to ten percent of the weight of your liver , you would be at risk. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

What causes metabolic fatty liver disease?

1. Alcohol consumption.
2. Metabolic causes like diabetes mellitus, obesity.
3. Hepatitis C.
4. Drugs.
5. Starvation.

1. What are the diseases most commonly seen in Fatty liver?

Fatty liver itself is an abnormal condition and it increases the risk of developing conditions like Cancer, hepatitis, Cirrhosis, etc. At these latter two stages, jaundice might also develop.

2. Does diet play any part?

diet rich in fat and calories raises the chance of obesity-induced insulin resistance.

3. What is the treatment?

Treatment starts with weight reduction, but not rapidly. An average of 1.6 kgs/ week is recommended. The target should be 10% reduction of the baseline weight.Depending on the stage and symptom of the disease, medications are prescribed.Diet, exercise, and certain medications are the recommended ways to reduce weight.Bariatric surgery is advised for morbidly obese patients.

4.  Is it possible to lead a normal life With a fatty Liver?

Fatty liver is a life long condition. Still with a few lifestyle changes,necessary treatment,and periodic check up with the doctor there is no reason why a patient suffering from fatty liver should not enjoy a normal life.

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Do you also have a fatty liver? How do you cope up with it, have you done any modifications in your life style to control fatty liver? Please do let us know.

Lose weight with Green Tea

Lose weight with Green Tea

green tea
green tea

Many people when talking of Green Tea and its benefits mention also about weight loss in the same breath. Weight loss is largely associated with life style correction and moderation in diet. One can always try and use green tea if it can be of real help, because Green Tea is known to improve the metabolism by about four percent .No doubt, four percent is a small figure, but any help one can get from it for shedding weight and help the obese person, is always welcome.

Green tea also cohibits fat absorption and helps to regulate glucose. By slowing the rise in blood sugar after a meal, it prevents insulin spikes, which helps because, lots of storage of insulin causes fat storage as well.

Please remember that the main key to losing weight and slimming is moderation and life style correction. Eat moderately, drink moderately, and exercise moderately and in the same vein drink your green Tea in moderation. Please repeat reading the above two sentences again and again and put them into practice daily for weight loss. ..

Drinking or overdrinking of Green Tea does not increase the benefits you desire for slimming . Respect your body and love every part of it. Remember that “Moderation” is the watchword for attacking obesity.

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Why do women gain weight after forty?

Why do women gain weight after forty?

It is a known fact that women tend to neglect themselves after the age of forty. My clients give umpteen reasons to cover up and in denial.

  • I dont mind looking mature.
  • I have grand kids and I look lovable.
  • All women gain weight.
  • I am aging.

But these reasons do not sum to anything.

Until menopause, women gain weight around thier hips and waist to sustain pregnancy and the female hormone oestogen infact helps to maintain weight and prevent belly fat. But after menopause, the female hormones decrease and hence the tendency of male type of obesity increases, hence weight gain in the middle increasing belly fat.

Stress too can be another cause as at this age, the stress levels too increase due to various reasons and this triggers the hormone cortisol that increases cravings for sweet and fatty foods..

Apple shaped obesity or central obesity is the main cause for metabolic disease which is the main cause for heart disease and diabetes.

Increased number of pregnancy to increase the fat deposits in the bellies.

How do you prevent weight gain after forty?

  • Exercise, exerice, exercise. This helps to combat weight gain.
  • Do not become a grazer. Quit mindless snacking.
  • If you have time on your hands ie if the kids have left the nest, join tai chi or yoga classes to relax and maintain flexibility.
  • Eat at regular timings.
  • Opt for low fat milk products, leaner meats,fresh fruits and vegetables and increase the intake of nuts and good carbs.
  • Do not eat the scraps left after everyone has finished as this can result in weight gain.
  • Eat as per your activity levels.
  • Think young. As they say “Life begins at forty”.
Why is your child growing fat?

Why is your child growing fat?

child-obeseObesity in children is the main cause for worry now. When I go to address children in schools, it is unbelievable to see the large number of children who are obese or just overweight. Several parents are very concerned about their child growing fat.

Let us have a look why kids are getting fatter?

The main cause is high calorie intake and lack of exercise. Face the fact, that children hardly have any exercise. Its mainly TV viewing and playing video games. An inactive kid engaged in such activities will be involved in mindless eating and gaining weight consistently.

Some of the children tend to eat when emotionally disturbed or are on steroidal medications.

Firstly no vigorous “dieting” or very low calorie diets as they are very harmful to child’s development as nutritional deficiencies can set in. Weight loss should be gradual. Just, Figure out the culprits.

Common culprits are soft drinks, juices,thick shakes,sports drinks, fried foods such as chips, french fries, excessive use of butter and cheese, high intake of breads, biscuits,candies, ice creams, chocolates, pizza, burger, pav bhaji etc. This are the food culprits which you need to eliminate strictly as there are nutritionally poor and can add unnecessary calories.

Skipping breakfast is another strict no-no as the body demands fuel in the morning and regular missing of breakfast will not help in meeting the daily energy needs. This can hamper your child’s concentration and cause poor energy levels leading to low activity levels.

Now how do you help your child lose weight?

  • Make sure your child eats breakfast regularly and include homemade foods such as idli, dosa, parantha etc. Try to avoid giving your child commercial breakfast foods such as cornflakes, frosties etc. as they contain high levels of sugar.
  • Remove all the culprits I have mentioned above from the diet and provide 3 main nutritious meals and 3 healthy snacks in a day.
  • Healthy snacks can be nuts, milk and milk products, salads and fruits.
  • Keep fats through bakery products and fried foods to bare minimum and provide healthy fats such as nuts, unsatusated oils used in cooking.
  • Minimise the use of sweets and do not use food as bribes for children.
  • Encourage your child to drink enough water thorugh out the day. You can check this depending on the number of toilet trips made by your child.
  • See that the whole family sets an example, so that the child will not feel “different”.
  • Introduce exercise and play for the child. Encourage them to participate in sports and join school teams.
  • Limit Television viewing for less than an hour and keep fixed times for such activities.

Introduce each of these tips over a period of time. Do not keep reminding the child that he/she is fat as this can seriously affect the child’ outlook. Instead introduce a good eating pattern involving all kinds of home made food and proper exercise routine.