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The Truth about Nutribars and why we should avoid them.

The Truth about Nutribars and why we should avoid them.


Latest addition to “health foods” are energy bars. Commonly called as nutri bars, I see many eating them as snacks on the move. We love to eat anything which has terms such as nutrition, healthy, low fat etc. Nutri bars and energy bars are nothing but junk food in a healthy disguise (companies keep getting smarter). Now lets see why are they unhealthy.

  • Nutribars are very high in carbohydrates, which is nothing but sugar. It contains ingredients such as liquid glucose, sucrose, fructose, invert syrup, honey, malt extract etc.
  • Some of them contain caffeine to give you a mood jump-start. This is really unnecessary.
  • Some of them contain hydrogenated fats, hence high in fat and bad for the arteries in the long run.
  • It is not not nutritious as the ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins are unbalanced.
  • Nutribars  is very addictive and unsatisfying. Most of us cannot stop at one bar and end up eating 2-3 bars.
  • Nutribars  contain artificial sweeteners which is bad for our metabolism.
  • Anything that contains more than 30 ingredients is not healthy.
  • High in preservatives.

How to cheat on Nutribars?

  • Eat when you need high energy especially during trekking, marathon running etc. Hence it can work as a pre exercise snack.
  • Do not stock them at home.
  • Opt for those high in protein, not in sugar.