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Healthy eating- An expensive option?

Healthy eating- An expensive option?

healthy_eatingHealthy eating can be fun but may end up being time consuming and expensive for many. It is always easy to buy junk. Junk food is very cheap and high calorie meals come within half hour to your door step. While shopping takes a lot of time and energy and can cut into you time.

What is the situation out there?

  • Yes food is expensive. Fruits and vegetables prices keep rising. So it is more cheaper to buy carbs like bread, chips and other junk. Cost of white bread is lesser than whole wheat bread. Nuts and seeds are always expensive. Many omit milk and milk products.
  • When ever I have time on hand what I love doing is to take super market tours. From my own experience I have learned that I should never ever go to a super market on an empty stomach. I end up buying some junk food which I would feel guilty looking at and then end up eating it. I catch up with a healthy snack before shopping. It inspires me to buy healthy food.
  • It is always better to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables as they will be fresher, not doused with too many chemicals and preservatives and also cheaper. I love the idea of growing vegetables in the garden, can be a healthy hobby.
  • Do not buy excess of any perishable foods like milk products, fruits and vegetables. Buy one type of fruit in bulk. Alternately buy citrus fruits too. Buy fruits which are meant for the season such as watermelon for the summer. You can eat as well stay hydrated.
  • Vegetables are always cheaper than fruits. So stock up on vegetables. Eat them as salads.
  • Low fat milk products are always priced higher than plain milk. I buy both plain and low fat milk. The plain milk if heated and left alone to stand the cream accumulates on top and this can be skimmed off. So now you have skimmed milk. You can make low fat curds from this milk by just adding the culture.
  • If nuts are expensive, go for groundnuts they are the cheapest nuts around.
  • The more processed the food is, more is the cost. Fresh fruit juices are more cheaper than packed ones. You are paying for the packaging and preservatives with extra sugar.
  • Eat whole grain porridge’s like oats and whole wheat grain(daliya) with nuts and fruits added rather than buying cornflakes or meusli if they don’t fit into your budget. You will save a lot of unwanted sugar from these products.
  • Save up cash from the chips, chocolates and money spent on instant noodles.

I say its better to go for healthy food than eat junk. All the hard earned money will be spent on a health professional such as doctors and dentists. I feel it is worthwhile spending on healthy food.