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Why street food is harmful?

Why street food is harmful?

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Everyone loves to eat out occasionally, and that includes eating street food from the street vendors, Here are a few reasons why they pose a threat and why is it best to avoid them.


Ever wondered what makes mango juice and ice golas so bright orange and peas look green and fresh? Its metanil yellow and malachite green, the textile dyes, which despite being banned, are used as food colouring agents. They are carcinogenic (can cause cancer) and mutagenic (can change genetic information of the embryo) and are responsible for liver damage and tumors.


Be careful about where you go biryani eating binge. Its wise to avoid non veg until you are convinced of the kitchens hygiene. Meats shelf life is 16 hours, after which it starts decaying to produce botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein, one of the most poisonous naturally occurring substances in the world. Also known as sausage poison it occurs in badly handled or badly cooked meat products. If the meat is not processed properly, the intestine of the chicken, fish and crabs could contain allergens like e-coli and salmonella, which could cause urinary track infection, severe itching, swelling of hands and feet.


•Bhajjis, samosas, pakoras and aloo cutlet: here the oil is reheated, making it oxidized. Also it loses essential fatty acids or ; ingredients like potato, besan quality may be either be stale or of inferior quality know

•Pani puri: you never known the quality of water used to prepare the much loved sweet and kakra pani of the pani of the pani puri. More so, as the stalls are usually located by the roadside, both pani and aloo masala are continuously exposed to harmful vehicular emission. Next time you choose to eat out, colera and diarrheoa might just be lurking around the roadside shop.

•Chole bhature, fried rice: usually cooked at the start of the day, heated and reheated for every customer, huge amount of cooked soda used for easy cooking of chole and rice produces lot of carbon dioxide in the body, resulting in uneasiness and stomach upset.