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Late night eating equal to weight gain?

Late night eating equal to weight gain?

late night eating
late night eating

A good number of my clients end up eating a late dinner. Of course, it is something to worry about. This shows that they are working late and are stressed, where nutrition and health takes a back seat.

Eating late can result in weight gain. But this mainly depends on how much you calories you consume. If you are eating late, the tendency to consume higher amount of calories is increased as you are too tired to think healthy. Your metabolism too slows down at night, hence you are burning lesser calories.It also mainly depends on how much you eat, in a given day. So actually your body does not know whether it is 10pm or 11pm.

Even if you eat a very early dinner, but consume higher calories, you will still gain weight. Your digestion can get disturbed if you are eating close to bed time. It is advised to eat two hours before going to bed. Now this does not mean you eat at 11pm if you sleep at 1 am.

The best time to eat dinner is between 7-9 pm. But now if you have to eat late, split the calories of the meal into two where you can have a small snack in the evening and a light dinner. Of course pre-planning is important. If you do feel hungry, fruits or a glass of milk will suffice.

You are on diet, But you are gaining Weight?

You are on diet, But you are gaining Weight?

gaining_weightWeight loss is a constant struggle. OK, I may sound non motivating, but it is a fact. Weight loss happens when a person is persistent and true to one’s self and also by not being critical about how their bodies look. I have this certain client who inspired me to write this article.

A client of mine who was coming to me on a regular basis, was showing constant weight loss. But in the last 2 months,he had been struggling to keep the weight off. In fact, he was gaining weight. He was upset(obviously) and he felt that I was not helping him out and I was holding back information. FYI, He had been asked to follow a 1500 Kcal diet and to exercise daily.

First I told him to relax and tell me about his diet. I was surprised to see what he was doing.

  • He was eating erratically as and when he wants.
  • Many a times, he ended up eating more in the evening.
  • He was not keeping a check on calories.
  • He was compensating by eating lesser according to him, it would jump start weight loss.
  • He kept focusing too much on the fact that he was on a “diet”.
  • He was eating a lot of low fat products.

Here’s his argument: “I am eating the same quantity of food as per the calories you have prescribed. I am also exercising regularly and I have paid a lot to hire a personal trainer. I have started eating low fat yogurt, low fat biscuits, Low fat ice cream. I cant concentrate at work because I am not eating healthy. I feel guilty. I have even started going on liquid diets to compensate. Are you not telling me how to go about further?”

This man had gone completely away from what I had asked him to follow. He was not keeping a check on the calorie intake, he was eating extra 200 calories per day. He was eating a lot of low fat products. Low fat means reduced calories, not calorie free. So he was not controlling portions and ended up eating more than he needed.

He was also eating erratically, not as we had planned to eat on time. He felt that he can eat at anytime as long as the calorie intake remains the same. His liquid diets made him eat more the next day. Guilt, guilt, guilt!!!!

All this had slowed down his metabolism. So had his weight loss slowed down.

Immediately, I got him on track. I asked him to start eating on time. To avoid all binges in the evening even if it is within the calorie intake. To clear out all the low fat products. He was anyways exercising, so that was one area I did not have to worry. Mainly, I asked him to stop focusing on “diet”, but to focus on healthy eating. A diet is temporary, but healthy eating is life long and to relax.

Now he is back on track losing weight consistently and both of us are happy now.

Skipping meals equals to skipping good health

Skipping meals equals to skipping good health

skipping_mealsSkipping meals is commonly seen among students and newly joined employees fresh out of college. This is a habit developed in teenage years and carried well into adulthood. Despite of knowing the consequences, this practice still continues.

Let us have a look at why it is harmful to skip meals and the consequences are as follows-

  • Low energy levels
  • Poor metabolism
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Poor concentration and performance at work
  • Memory lapses
  • Fainting spells
  • Poor disease resistance
  • Weak bones
  • Poor quality skin, hair and nails
  • Mood swings

Mainly meals are missed due to poor sleep-wake habits such as sleeping very late and waking up late and giving an excuse “I have no time to eat breakfast”. You cannot keep make excuses with your health.

When you skip meals, you go on a ‘fasting mode’. For example, Skipping breakfast gives you poor energy levels. You are anyways in a fasting mode 2-3 hours after dinner and through out the night. Your body goes through repair at night and is in a very low energy mode. That is why the first meal is called breakfast which means breaking the fast.

What about other meals? Skipping lunch and dinner too is not going to help.It is a common misconception that skipping meals will help you to lose weight. But this is not true. In fact ,if you eat very less, it can lead to fainting and this is not a great way to lose weight. Or the effect can be quite opposite. Skipping meals can lead to food cravings, binge eating and weight gain.

When you do not eat for a prolonged period of time, like when you skip a meal, your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism slows down to preserve energy. This means that your body will compensate for the inadequate calories by burning fewer calories than it normally would. When your body goes into starvation mode it does not draw from its fat stores for energy, and this makes it virtually impossible to lose weight. Once you do eat, your body will store those calories, rather than use them, because it expects you to starve it again. Now you know why you remember a pastry or a bag of chips when you are extremely hungry as you have not eaten for a long time and also what it can do to you.

Eating less will lead to poor metabolism and this will lead to poor calorie burning.

Now how can you eat to get good health-

To execute a good performance and to remain alert at work, Eat small meals during the day. Instead of 2-3 large meals, eat six small meals in a day. This will keep your blood sugar stabilized and will help you to keep burning calories through out the day.

Try to wake up early than your usual time and eat breakfast. Eat snacks such as nuts, channa, milk which provide protein and also fruits which will help you to stabilize your blood sugars. Eat lunch and dinner approximately at the same timings and do not skip dinner saying you will just eat fruits or plainly just skip it.

A good meal plan will help you eat right and do not forget to add a 30 minute exercise routine, no matter how busy you are.

This will keep you fresh, alert and brimming with energy and also keep your bosses happy with your work!!!

How to get rid of the last icky kilos?

How to get rid of the last icky kilos?

icky_kilosI have seen many of my clients reach weight loss plateaus where they struggle to those last few kilos. It can be very frustrating when you keep jumping on the scales and they do not want to budge. I have a client who once told me that the “fat burning diet” I have given is not working.

Now firstly, I will explain to you why this is happening. Many go for long term weight loss where they may need to lose over 10-15 kilos or more. Some of them really try hard, exercise daily and control every tidbit and morsel they are putting in their mouth. Most of this weight loss is done by following very low calorie diets and overexercising. If weight loss is not done under supervision, they you will not know your pattern of weight loss.

Weight loss is nothing but understanding your body seeing why your body has gained weight. A good trainer will pin point all your problem areas and will coach you to success.

Ok we know all this but why these last few kilos do not budge.

This is because you are following the same exercise routine. Exercise should always surprise the body and keep challenging it. If the body keeps getting the same type of exercise, then the body gets used to it. So now change your routine, dabble in different forms of exercise. Forget the daily gym routine for sometime. Go for a swim, jog in the park, learn to skate, take up hiking or rock climbing, learn salsa etc This will keep you pepped up and will tone you up totally. All this sums up to just spiking up your metabolism.

Keep a close tab on your diet. Do not over indulge on anything you love too many times. Try to make low calorie versions of what you love to it. If you are craving for pizza or piece of cake. Eat a single slice of pizza as a whole meal in the noon and enjoy the piece of cake too as a whole meal not along with any other food. Learn to eat 6-8 small meals in a day so that that you increase your metabolism with food too.

Start regular weight training to tone up the muscles. Ladies, pick up lighter weight to tone up any flabby zones and no, you wont bulk up. Men, Continue with the weight training suiting your needs whether to get to lean and fit or muscular.

Jump start your routine to put your body into the fat burning mode!!!!