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Why do women gain weight after forty?

Why do women gain weight after forty?

It is a known fact that women tend to neglect themselves after the age of forty. My clients give umpteen reasons to cover up and in denial.

  • I dont mind looking mature.
  • I have grand kids and I look lovable.
  • All women gain weight.
  • I am aging.

But these reasons do not sum to anything.

Until menopause, women gain weight around thier hips and waist to sustain pregnancy and the female hormone oestogen infact helps to maintain weight and prevent belly fat. But after menopause, the female hormones decrease and hence the tendency of male type of obesity increases, hence weight gain in the middle increasing belly fat.

Stress too can be another cause as at this age, the stress levels too increase due to various reasons and this triggers the hormone cortisol that increases cravings for sweet and fatty foods..

Apple shaped obesity or central obesity is the main cause for metabolic disease which is the main cause for heart disease and diabetes.

Increased number of pregnancy to increase the fat deposits in the bellies.

How do you prevent weight gain after forty?

  • Exercise, exerice, exercise. This helps to combat weight gain.
  • Do not become a grazer. Quit mindless snacking.
  • If you have time on your hands ie if the kids have left the nest, join tai chi or yoga classes to relax and maintain flexibility.
  • Eat at regular timings.
  • Opt for low fat milk products, leaner meats,fresh fruits and vegetables and increase the intake of nuts and good carbs.
  • Do not eat the scraps left after everyone has finished as this can result in weight gain.
  • Eat as per your activity levels.
  • Think young. As they say “Life begins at forty”.
Tofu and its benefits

Tofu and its benefits

tofu_benefitsSoya products are being rated quite high on the nutritional front and has been a boon to people who are allergic to milk and its products.

Tofu is a kind of cheese made from soya milk. It is quite similar to cottage cheese or paneer. It is highly nutritious, rich in proteins and is free from saturated fats.

It is said to lower the bad cholesterol and helps to prevent heart disease. It is a boon for women going through the menopausal phase and helps to sail smoothly through this phase. It regulates the hormonal imbalance of estrogen levels in the body hence reducing the symptoms of menopause.

It improves bone health as it is rich in calcium and helps to prevent osteoporosis which is seen in women during menopause.

It is rich in minerals like iron which improves the hemoglobin levels in blood and also rich in other minerals like copper, manganese and last but not the least selenium. Selenium is an antioxidant and hence helps in reducing the levels of free radicals in the body and thereby prevents cancer.

Tofu can replace paneer as full fat paneer is high in saturated fats. This can be used in vegetable stirfry and also can be grated and added to soups, salads and sandwiches.

Tofu smoothies can be a good substitutes for expensive protein powders for those who are into muscle building or those who want to gain weight.