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Emergency Check List, for emergency situations

Emergency Check List, for emergency situations


There is an old saying which runs as follows ” Every house has a threshold”. In the same way in every family you can find members like elderly people,aging parents and sick  Patients.

Contingencies can occur when particularly an aged  member falls sick and has to be rushed to the hospital or a Doctor has to be called in for immediate treatment. The Doctors invariably  ask the family present or the spouse if they are available,  some questions can be regarding the patient’s illness, treatment’s if previously given, his daily routine like diet, medicines taken etc.

More often, no one  will be prepared with the right  answers and one can see everybody running from pillar to post to get the information which the doctor needs. Correct information  given to the doctor will help him in  corroborating the same with his findings on the illness for correct diagnosis  and start  the correct line of treatment for the patient. It is therefore very necessary that a responsible member of the family, sons or daughters  or spouse should be ready in advance with the answers.

Given below are a list of questionnaire, answers for which  every one in the family can keep in advance. This can save time and one can have quick access to the details  when needed. In case of an emergency it is very important to be ready in advance with the correct answers and they need to be updated as often as possible.


1. Any previous medical papers available ? If yes, Get them and keep it where the patient is resting. If they are loose papers, arrange them chronologically and keep them in a file.

2. List of drugs that the patient has been taking if any, before the illness.

3. Any known allergy to specific Drugs?

4. If the patient has diabetes,is the Blood Sugar measured regularly. Copy of the latest finding ? Both fasting and postprandial. Ensure that such papers are in the file.

5. If the patient has Hypertension, is the blood pressure measured periodically?. If yes, keep the document in the file.

6. If the patient has coronary artery disease, cardiac failure, stroke, Asthma, COPD, urinary problems, frequent falls, anorexia, weight loss,and other sickness,  is the family physician consulted regularly. If yes, who is the Family Physician?, his phone number. What are the results?. Supporting papers to be kept in the file.

7. Health Insurance papers. If yes? the details.

8. Do you keep Emergency helpline number? if no, please get it and record it prominently in the patient’s file.

9. Your Hospital Emergency Department telephone Contact number.

10. Ambulance services numbers. eg. 1066

11. Telephone numbers of two of your close relatives in the city as well as two of your close friends.

As one’s age advances ,one must resist committing vital information including telephone numbers to memory.In an emergency, due to tension and worry, one’s mind will refuse working and one cannot recall the information as and when required.

Would you like to add a few more questioners? if yes? what would they be?