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How to eat at a Salad bar

How to eat at a Salad bar

eat at salad bar
eat at salad bar

I had an interesting conversation with a client today. He told me that at the office conference meet, there was a salad bar displayed but he was perplexed to see the high calorie dressings and refined breads and was curious to make better choices and give the caterer a better idea on what to serve the next time.

So here are a few pointers on how to navigate through a salad bar

  • Steer away from high calorie dressings such as mayonnaise, thousand island dressings, whipped cream and any other thick and creamy dressings. Opt for mustard, vinegar, lemon or yogurt.
  • If you do want to eat with a dressing, take less than a tablespoon at the side, as you would need more to mix if you mix up the salad.
  • Brighter the veggies,better the nutrition. Do not eat rotten looking or wilted veggies.They should look fresh and crunchy and of course clean.
  • Do not eat canned fruits, vegetables as they are high in sugar and salt. Go fresh.
  • Eat lean protein such as egg whites, chicken breast pieces, beans, cottage cheese, steamed shrimps and fresh fish. Its a no-no to egg yolks, canned and processed meats such as as sausages, salami which are high in fat and cholesterol.
  • Do not eat breads and pasta, if you do not consider your salad as a whole meal. But If you do, choose whole grain breads and smaller servings and skip the main course.
  • Choose clear soups, not cream soups.
  • Avoid fried croutons, fried noodles and cheese to cut calories.
  • Add good fats such as olives, olive oil, nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds. If avocado is served, do not add any other
  • Skip the potato salad. It can add extra calories with carbs and fat.
  • Avoid sauces which are loaded with cream, salt and preservatives.
  • If you want a sweet platter, opt for freshly cut fruits with yogurt. Avoid sugary syrups and ice cream mixes.
  • Stick to 100% juices if served, not coke or beer.

Last but not the least, choose smaller plates and  do not load up all whats is sight. Now enjoy and eat healthy at a salad bar.