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Eat like a woman, not like a man….

Eat like a woman, not like a man….

87326072Many newly weds gain weight, especially women. Men may lose weight if wives are amateur cooks. Women end up eating larger portions or male sized portions. Men may encourage women  to finish the rest of the remaining food. Now that is not necessary. In India, women start polishing off all the tidbits from the plates from the husbands’ and childrens’ plate. This can add on to extra calories, hence can result in weight gain.

I feel it is sometimes unfair, that men can eat more portions than women and still not gain weight and can inhale junk food with out any fear. So trying to blame them, will not help. Rather women should take it in their hands. Lets see how…

  • Request him to bring less junk home. Great for both of you or just ask him to keep it out of your sight.
  • Stop matching his portion sizes. When eating at home, serve yourself smaller portions, hence always cook a little lesser than necessary, but enough to cover his portions and and your small portion. This will prevent in wastage of food plus will help to curb the polishing off the remaining by you.
  • While eating out, order smaller portion sizes such as half portions or smaller plates or bowls or scoops. Leave it to him to have the large portions. If they give you large portions, eat only how much you need. If you eat less or more from the standard portions, the check remains the same.
  • Fill up before moving to the main course. I recommend salads and clear soups.
  • Follow healthy cooking practices. Go for low fat works  and trim fat in meats. Cut down the oil used for cooking. He will for sure appreciate the changes.
  • Do not guzzle alcohol like a man. It will lead to unnecessary weight gain.
  • Share meals when you out and eat very slow. Men tend to eat faster than women, hence they finish sooner and leave very little for you to nibble.
  • Always share desserts and you should take a few bites and then watch him finish the rest.
  • Lastly, exercise together. He will see your efforts and will help you to keep up with your efforts.
Milk bad for diabetes?

Milk bad for diabetes?

milk_diabetes_bad I counsel many clients who are in the pre-diabetes stages or are suffering from full blown diabetes. They are worried about table sugar and are ready to skip it in their morning cuppa or just quit eating sweets..But we have many doctors who know all about “nutrition” and “diet” and end up advising patients about their diets and project themselves that they know it all. I have heard doctors advising to skip sugar(okay acceptable), stop eating fruits(why on earth do they advise this) and stop drinking milk!!! These are the foods considered by doctors to be high in sugar. To tell you the truth, all foods contain sugars except for oils,egg whites,poultry and meats etc and also air and water. I ask my clients who want to have sugar free diets whether they want to live only on these foods and air and water. Then they realize that they were depriving themselves of the foods their body requires. If any doctor asks you to miss a complete food group in your diet, then he or she is misleading you.

Avoiding sugars is acceptable as most of our foods do provide us with natural or “hidden” sugars but avoiding dairy products is like a crime to the body. Milk and milk products are like elixir to the body. It has been proved that consuming low fat dairy products can help to reduce insulin resistance, than those who were avoiding dairy. The sugar present in milk products are lactose, which is also known as milk sugar, is said to be converted to blood sugar relatively slowly. This can help in blood sugar control and also help in reducing insulin resistance. (Pic showing a smart lady sipping on milk)

The protein present in milk too will fill you up and will prevent mid meal binges. If you are overweight, then you can opt for fat free milk products, but if your weight is under control, then you can opt for low fat milk, where the fat content is less than 2% of fat. The fat too will keep you satisfied and hence milk products can work as good snacks.

So how can you incorporate milk products in your diet…

  • Add milk in your high fiber cereal for breakfast.
  • Make smart choices for snack. Eat low fat yogurt with fruits for a snack.
  • Add cottage cheese in your salad.
  • Add low fat cheese in your sandwich…
  • Drink milk after dinner as a post a dinner snack.
  • Make low fat milk sweets at home for dessert.
  • Make fruit smoothies with milk and you can also add low fat dry milk powder for the extra boost of vitamins and protein…

So do not skip dairy if you want to maintain your blood sugars…

Low calorie Mango souffle

Low calorie Mango souffle

Mango souffleLet me tell you a secret. I just love sweets and find it hard to resist them. Gee, my husband says I need a lion tamer to tame my sweet cravings. I keep trying out a lot of recipes with low calories ingredients so that I have sweet, but healthy eating.

Try out my new recipe Mango souffle with low fat cream.

How to make low fat cream- Heat milk to boiling point and add vinegar or lime juice to it. The milk curdles and settles down. Take the curdled content in a blender, add a little milk and whip it well. See that it is not very thin. Voila, you have low fat cream. Use low fat milk for this purpose. This cream is low on calories as well has very low levels of saturated fats.

For mango souffle- Take fresh mango pulp about 2-3 cups. Add the cream and whip it well with a hand blender. Add sugar if required. But I generally avoid as fresh fruit is used.

Mix gelatin in warm water and add to the mango mixture. Blend it very well until the gelatin has mixed with the whole mixture. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator to set.

You have low calorie mango souffle ready to eat. You have a nice recipe of a dessert for the week end.

Try it out and let me know the results. If you have any other variations, do let me know.