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How to lose weight with Bottle Gourd

How to lose weight with Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd
Bottle Gourd juice

Bottle gourd is one famous vegetable in the news for various reasons. Bottle gourd has gained importance for weight loss. So lets see how it can trigger weight loss.

  • It is rich in fiber and water and hence helps to curb hunger pangs. If you take the juice in the morning, you are having a fiber rich start, hence you are not ravenous for breakfast and do not overeat at breakfast.
  • Its   juice can work as a wonderful snack replacement. A glass of this juice and a bowl of fruits can be an ideal afternoon snack whenever you feel hungry.

It should not be strained with a sieve as the fiber is the key to weight loss. Just drinking bottle gourd juice will not melt your fat away. It has to be combined with a low calorie diet and adequate exercise.