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Osteoporosis and Lactose intolerance

Osteoporosis and Lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerants are those who cannot digest milk sugar lactose from dairy products. So the calcium requirements are not fulfilled hence they are at higher risks of developing osteoporosis. On several surveys it has been noted that there are thinner bones visible in the scan of those who are lactose intolerant than those who are not.

Many of the lactose intolerant people have higher levels of Parathyroid hormone which can leach out calcium from the bones which are already thinner. This hormone helps to maintain the calcium balance in the bones and in the blood. Excess of this hormone weakens the bones and increasing the susceptibility to fractures.

Hence patients  with lactose intolerance should increase their calcium intake and also that of Vitamin D to prevent bone loss.

Include calcium rich food or calcium fortified food in every meal for healthy bones and for a stronger you.