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Are you sure you’re allergic?

Are you sure you’re allergic?

Factors that contribute to widespread misunderstanding about food allergy is that there are several other classifications of adverse reactions to foods that “MIMIC” allergies.

For example, some individuals lack an enzyme that digests the sugar in milk. This sugar is called lactose, and the enzyme that digests it is called lactase. in the absence of lactase, a person who ingests milk will experience cramps, stomach aches and diarrhea.

Another example: Is that of people with gallbladder disease. In these individuals, greasy foods will provoke abdominal crapms. There are foods idiosyncrasies, food poisonings, and food enzyme disturbances that causes symptoms but are not allergic conditions.

Here are a few ypes of food reactions:

  • Allergy – A reaction to foods due to excess levels of IGE antibody.
  • Poisoning – A reaction to foodds that contain harmful bacteria or their toxic by products.
  • Metabolic- A reaction usually due to an enzyme deficiency and an inability to digest food properly. Such as the reaction to milk due to deficiency of the digestive enzyme disease.
  • Pharmacologic – A reaction to a food thaat contains a chemical that can provoke symptoms, such as jitters from the caffeine in coffee.

Have you gone through any of these symptoms? Are you sure you’re allergic?