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Ghee and its Health Benefits

Ghee and its Health Benefits

gheeEvery cuisine is unique in its way. Each cuisine has its distinct type of fat used in cooking. The Mediterraneans use olive oil, the Chinese use lard and the Indians use ghee and coconut oil. Ghee is used liberally in most of the indian dishes. Ghee is nothing but clarified butter. With the recent conflicting issues in nutrition, ghee was considered as a bad food and the main cause for heart disease and suddenly its consumption was reduced. But has it reduced the incidence of heart disease? No, in fact heart disease is rising at an alarming rate. So moving on to dry rotis has not helped.

I remember the time when my grandmother used to make clarified butter at home. The whole house used to have the fragrance emanating around. It is commonly used in making sweets and lathered on wheat rotis.

Nutritional benefits of Ghee

  • Ghee is said to be made of saturated fatty acids but of short chain fatty acids. This makes them easy to digest unlike the saturated fats found in animal meats which are difficult to digest.
  • It contains fat soluble vitamins such as A, D and E and hence can benefit vegetarians.
  • Ghee is said to be great for the lactose intolerant as the lactose sugar is broken down on clarification. Hence they can benefit the vitamins from it sans lactose.
  • Due to its fat content, it also absorbs the vitamins from the food it is added to, hence making the vitamins available to the body.
  • Its smoke point is high, hence can be used for cooking, But I still discourage using it for deep frying.
  • For infants and toddlers where they are in the phase of brain growth, ghee is the best fat to be added in their diet and is said to develop memory.

It is delicious to taste, does not go bad or get oxidized on exposure to air and can be made at home unlike other fats. It can be used as a chapstick too and can put Oriflame and other companies to shame.

It is recommended to have 4 teaspoons of fat per day, hence add a teaspoon of ghee in the cooking. Remember regular exercise and the right fats give better health and a stronger heart. Now say yes to desi ghee…..