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Obesity – Control High Blood Pressure with Yoga

Obesity – Control High Blood Pressure with Yoga

yoga and relaxation
yoga and relaxation

An off-spring of Obesity is High blood pressure and gradually as days go by, both of them can damage your heart, eventually leading to Heart attack.Yoga and naturopathic lifestyle intervention aim at eliminating the root cause of the disease namely hypertension, rather than its symptoms.

Suggested here are the following yoga techniques specifically recommended for control of Hypertension .Coupled with a dietary restriction there is no reason why High blood pressure cannot be controlled, cured and allow the victim to lead a normal life. Please take the help of a good Yoga teacher and start practicing both yoga and pranayama.

Yoga asanas:-

  • Ardha Kati Chakrasana.
  • Trikonasana.
  • Tadasana.
  • Vrikshasana.
  • Vajrasana.
  • Ustrasana.
  • Ekapada Uttanasana.
  • Sethu bandhasana.
  • Bhujangasana.


  • Sitali.
  • Nadi shodhana.
  • brahmari.
  • Yoga mudhra.
  • Meditation.

As you start practicing yoga daily for Hypertension, you will see that gradually, you will be losing also fat around your waistline which is the first sign of your becoming obese and also a direct indication that you are consuming extra calories. Dietary restrictions play a vital role in your controlling the calories consumption. One has to give importance to this aspect of diet also. Good luck. .