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Improve your Gym workout

Improve your Gym workout

workoutAlright you have joined a gym and expect to get the best out of exercising. I hear a lot of members agonising about making it to the gym on a daily basis. Some complain that they do not see any difference. So how can we  make your workout much more effective!!! Let us have a look at a few pointers.

  • Eat enough– Yes, very low calorie diets do not provide enough energy  for that rigorous one hour cardio and for those muscles. Get your calorie requirements planned by a dietitian and eat on regular times,
  • Hydrate well– Drinking water only at the gym is not enough. You have to drink through out the day and over a liter while working out. This prevents fatigue, dizziness and dehydration.
  • Pre-exercise and Post exercise snack– Eating healthy carbs before and after is very important and definitely adding protein to these snacks can help. Healthy snacks can be milk, whey protein smoothies, yogurt, fruits etc.
  • Pre-planning– Yes, like how you decide when to eat and shop, plan your workouts. If you do go to a gym where they make exercise plans, then it is easy.
  • Keep your gym wear closer– Packing your gym bag helps to reach to your workout on time and cut back on missed workouts. The cozy couch always beckons when you reach home!!! So pack up those shoes and slacks before hand.
  • Get a trainer– The next best thing to joining a gym. They push you towards your goals and make your workouts much more effective and prevent any injuries. Check for credentials and references before you choose one.
  • Buy an Ipod– Chatting with the person on the next treadmill can slow you down. Concentrating on the workout can prevent injuries as well as ensure a consistent calorie burn. Put on the earplugs, shut out others’ grunts and groans and exercise away.
  • Get a buddy– Working out with someone with the same goals help as they do not demotivate you.
  • Buy good gym wear– Its all about style. Wearing good gear can be very motivating and aiming to wear good gear too can get you there.

Get off the couch and get going to the gym and make the most of it.


When should you eat after exercise?

When should you eat after exercise?

This is  a question that everyone has in mind. When should I eat after exercising?
After finishing a workout, your metabolic rate is elevated, and it can stay elevated for some time. With out getting too technical, this metabolic after-burn is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and is characterized by a high usage of stored fat as fuel. Exercise has used up the fuel circulating in your blood, and some of your stored glucose, so you are now accessing stored fats. well done.

To keep the ball rolling and to continue to use stored fat after you’ve finished exercising, delay your eating. Try to avoid consuming anything but water from 30-60 minutes after you have finished training. As soon as you consume any food or drink containing kilojoules, that food will jump back to the top of the fuel-burning hierarchy, and your body will stop utilizing stored fuel as fat.

Tips to recognise fad diets or bogus diets

Tips to recognise fad diets or bogus diets

fad_dietsYou may come across a lot of advertisements wherever you go, where claims are done to prove that you can lose weight in ten days or lose weight with no exercise(weight loss is always on your mind, is it not?).

With weight loss centers mushrooming everywhere, weight loss clinics have become like an epidemic disease and is a billion dollar industry. But there are a lot of quacks who will make you lose weight and kill you too in the process. Many take the field of nutrition lightly, they think that anyone can become a weight loss coach. Those who are not qualified can make you lose weight and also your blood count, bones, skin lustre and hair too.

Many are reluctant to meet a dietitian as we will help you lose weight the healthy way and that takes time. You have a wedding to attend or want to look good for any occasion in a shorter time, dietitians cannot help you, especially if the weight loss is more than 5 kilos. Then such weight loss clinics are the solutions.

So let me make you smarter and train you to recognize such as scams before you put a dent in your pocket with such fakes and quacks on the loose.

A few examples are mentioned below. Read them and identify them when they come your way. Some of these are one liners on advertisements.

  1. “Eat all you want and lose weight”– Complete sham! How can you eat junk and lose weight? You need to eat healthy to lose weight.
  2. “Only diet, No need for any exercise”– People just love this one! You can seal your mouth and not move an inch and lose weight. This is not good. Why because only diet will not help you to burn more calories. You will need to build more lean muscle to stay in the calorie burning mode.
  3. “Permanent weight loss guaranteed”- No more diet needed- To keep the extra kilos off, you need to modify your life style and you should consistently maintain the same. There is no permanent solution at all.
  4. “Pills to reduce fat”– These pills are very famous. They need to be taken every day before a meal and you can eat all the fat you want in a meal. These pills can lead to heavy loss of fat soluble vitamins called as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E etc. So this can affect your hair, skin, eyes and bones leading to severe consequences. You need fat in your body for insulation of various organs otherwise you can get injuries very easily. Plus it will be yucky to find your stool all oily and pasty.
  5. “Lose 10 kilos in ten days”– Unhealthy but possible. You see initially water loss. Hence they should be called water loss clinics,not weight loss clinics. These diets are very rigid with no oil, boiled food(yuck) or only fruits and salads. You will lose weight and gain back double the weight. So this kind of weight loss is pointless.
  6. “Lose weight with creams and gels”– You must have seen advertisements saying-“Apply and watch your fat melt away”. What is melting away is only your money.
  7. “A miracle formula for all”- People develop their own weight loss formulas. But you should know each person is unique and has a different body composition. Every person has a unique genetic makeup and different health concerns.  Do all fit into the same pair of shoes?
  8. “Scientifically tested”– Yes, on lab animals, not humans. There is no solid proof. They may be trying to make you guinea pigs.
  9. “Doctors approved”– Many questions arise in this matter. Doctors do not know anything about nutrition. They are not qualified dietitians. Never take diet advice from doctors or buy any weight loss pills from doctors. They are out to make some quick money at the cost of their medical degrees.
  10. “Guarantees such as money back schemes or replacement of products”– This is to make you jump into a safety net without a harness. Where are you going to go hunting for the company if it does not work? You will end up talking to a call center person who will give you a mugged up lecture on what is the procedure. You are only left with an empty pocket.
  11. “Strap up a belt and burn the fat”– People associate weight loss with sweat. But how can you burn calories when your heart rate is not elevated and are not in the cardio mode. There are belts which you can strap them on your waist and get wash board flat abs. These belts can only remove water from the abs if you have any water retention, not fat. So you feel you have lost inches.
  12. “Testimonials are so convincing”– Compare the before and after picture in testimonials. The before picture is dull, the person’s skin looks darker, he is slouchy and haggard. The after picture is brighter, the person look fairer, he is standing smart and straight and is smiling. Photographs can be misguiding and they can be highly altered with colour effects and touch ups. So do not believe them.

Please do not give a chance for some one to ruin your health and your bank balance. Look for qualified professionals with sound knowledge and education. Get smarter and miracles are not real, atleast not in weight loss.

How to give your refrigerator a healthy make over..

How to give your refrigerator a healthy make over..

You have made your decision to eat healthy food and make great choices. But this has to be practical not just ideas.You want to start a great regime and have a complete make over. But hey it’s not only you who needs a make over so does your fridge too.

Healthy eating mainly involves stacking up and storing healthy food in your refrigerator. It is the first place you head to when you are hungry. But what if it is filled with high sodium frozen meals, ketchup, full fat milk products, high sugary foods etc. That is what you will end up eating in a frenzy.

If you need to eat healthy, you need to cook healthy food too, so  the healthy ingredients should be lying around in the refrigerator. Stocking up right can determine your success or failure in your new diet plan.

Now open your fridge and chuck out all that are not healthy. Eg. replace frozen meals with fresh veggies and fresh lean cut meats rather than tinned or cured meats.

Stock with fresh fruit rather canned fruits or sugar coated candies.

Keep cut fruits and veggies as they come in handy whenever you feel hungry.

Remove all the fizzy drinks and juice concentrates and replace with 100% fruit juices or fresh fruit juices.

Store fat free white sauces which are home made rather than mayonnaise.

If you do need to keep the unhealthy food for some reason or the other, keep them away from view. Any body peeping into your fridge should feel they are looking at well stocked fruit and veggie super market fridge which you would see while shopping.

Replace all the full fat food to low or fat free versions. Saturated fats to unsaturated fats.

Do not forget lentils, nuts and seeds which are healthy food.  Make sure the interiors are colorful with fruits and veggies of different colors. It is a pleasant sight to look at when you open the fridge.

It is just not the inside of a refrigerator but the out side too is important. Meal plans for the day should be attached on the door. Even attaching a picture of a movie star who is healthy with lovely glowing skin can keep you motivated to stick to your health plan. Please leave out the anorexic skinny stars.

Go ahead!! What are you waiting for! Treat your fridge to a make over.

Clear your mind when you work out…

Clear your mind when you work out…

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to exercise, but I have done a few observations when I work out in the gym.

When most of them work out, they are either huffing and puffing and watching the television or are in deep thinking probably what they will need to do later after the work out or have worried expressions which really scare me, whether they are going to collapse. Most of them enter with brooding expressions because they have been asked to lose weight.

I feel they are getting more stressed than being relieved from stress.

Enjoy your work out!!! You have to lose weight more than pleasing someone but for your own self. You get healthy remember!!

Clear your mind when you work out. Do not plan for the day when you work out in the morning or do not review the day if you work out in the evening. Take a break from work, home and family. Feel what is happening to you when you work, concentrate on the muscles which you are working on.

I really hate the Television monitors attached to the treadmill as you do not know what you are doing. If you are on a work out on the treadmill which modifies the elevation, jerky movements can occur as you are not concentrating on the movement, ending up with knee injuries.

Avoid watching cookery shows which can activate your taste buds and make you dream about the junk food and end up eating it on the way home from the gym o simply raid the fridge on reaching home.

So switch off the Tv monitors and concentrate and run on the tread mill. You will know when to stop, when to push the limits and whether the right muscles is working or not.

Do not look at others who you feel have better physiques than you and compare your self. Relax, you will reach there soon enough. Look at them positively. Do not discuss diets and feel low if you are not doing too good. just increase your efforts.

Quit complaining and start enjoying. Listen to your body and feel the difference.