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Does eating slowly have any impact on weightloss?

Does eating slowly have any impact on weightloss?

eat_slowI have already covered this topic in my previous post Eat slow to prevent weight gain , and I just cant stress enough on the fact that this technique really does help you to lose weight.

The speed at which you eat can also have an influence on your body shape. If  you eat quickly, you are likely to eat more. the stomach has stretch sensors that send the ‘STOP SIGNAL” to your brain after you have eaten enough. But it takes time for the brain to register fullness,  so if  you eat quickly you end up eating more kilojoules because your brain wont register fullness before you’ve eaten more than you need. whole diet books have been written on this topic alone. It does help to eat slowly, so take your time and really savour your food.

Chewing your food more has three benefits: The speed you eat is slowed down, your chances of over indulgence are reduced, and your digestion will be improved.

Here are a few tips to slow down your eating.

  • Sip water between mouthfuls.
  • Chew your food a little more, and really savour every mouthful.
  • Eat healthy foods early in your meal, so there is less room for the higher-fat foods later.
  • Dont listen to fast paced music while eating.
  • let your meal settle for a few minutes before having a secod serving.

If you have tried this technique earlier or will try in the future. Please share your experiences.