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Is too much of Fiber Bad?

Is too much of Fiber Bad?


We hear so much about fiber and all its health benefits. The carboholics who eat subsist on refined, low fiber foods are advised to increase the fiber intake. It is commonly seen that most of my clients eat very less fiber. So my advise is to increase their fiber intake and there are many who end up thinking that if they eat lots of fiber then their health problems will disappear and then come back to me telling that they are having problems of flatulence and in some cases diarrhea.

Yes, you can overdo with fiber. If you eat more than required amount which is about 30 grams per day, then you are definitely going overboard.

Some of effects are mentioned below

  • You can end up with gas, diarrhea, bloating in the lower abdomen.
  • It can interfere with the absorption of many vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium etc.
  • It can cause the food to move too fast through the digestive tract before the nutrients are absorbed.
  • It can decrease your appetite if your aim to increase the calorie intake. All you will do is end up eating less than you require.

Do not start your fiber intake immediately. Increase fiber slowly in your diet and do not forget to combine it with 8 glasses of water daily.