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Low fat food=low calorie food?

Low fat food=low calorie food?

The craze for low fat food is still on, where everyone hunts for low fat dishes to cut down calories. It is a wise decision to follow, but is it a practical decision is my question. If the fat content has been cut down, then the taste and the quality too comes down. If the high calorie flavoring agent is missing, then it is replaced by another such as fat is replaced by sugar.

The fat content is displayed less as fat content can be read very easily rather than sugar as it is written in the form of carbohydrates which you would woefully ignore if you are from the non nutritional back ground.

So do not fall for all the low fat food available, they have anyways balanced the calories with other ingredients.

Also cooking with artificial sweeteners too can be misleading as they say measure like sugar and cook but hello what about the fat you have added.

For example, Carrot halwa with artificial sweeteners and the quantity of ghee or clarified butter remains the same.

Low fat butter- instead of half teaspoon, you are tricked into one teaspoon.

Low fat yogurt- 100 ml of regular curd contains 3 grams of fat and the low fat version 1.5 grams of fat. So if you eat 200 ml of curd, you get the same amount of fat ie 3 grams and plus calories from protein and carbohydrates too are doubled.

We console ourselves by eating the low fat versions and think eating a little more is allowed. If you are trying to control your weight, then all you are doing is ruining your efforts.