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Pistachios- Healthy power houses….

Pistachios have always been a tasty nut but have always been blamed for the wrong reasons. In India, they have been spotted in the wrong places or rather we can say in the wrong foods. They are in our burfis and many other high calorie sweets. They take the main place on the tables while [...]

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Ways to cure Fatty liver

A query from a faithful subscriber. I am a male of 33 years of age,recently diagnosed with Grade 1 fatty liver. How can I get rid of this problem? Besides I am gaining weight around the mid section. Kindly advise me the treatment and food I should follow. My reply: Fatty liver is a common [...]

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Myth: Chocolate lacks any nutritional value

Chocolate is my favorite food in the world. My friends keep telling me that anyone can lure me away with chocolates. They have received a lot of beating from all because they are high in calories and can cause cavities. Poor chocolate. In my previous post, http://nutrihealth.in/2008/10/the-brighter-side-of-chocolates/ , I have told you the “feel good” [...]

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Peanut butter: Friend or foe

Nuts have always been in the bad news for years together. Now recently the myth has been been proved wrong and now they are tiny little angels who provide good fats and are nutritious. So is everyone confused about peanut butter. Peanut butter is considered a high fat food and is said to deposit on [...]

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White oats for dessert….

Oats has become a well known cholesterol buster and also controls your blood sugars. It is commonly eaten at breakfast but you can have white oats as dessert too. You can team it with dry fruits and nuts and yogurt. Cut fruits too can be added as a fruit salad and the yogurt can replace [...]

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Tofu and its benefits

Soya products are being rated quite high on the nutritional front and has been a boon to people who are allergic to milk and its products. Tofu is a kind of cheese made from soya milk. It is quite similar to cottage cheese or paneer. It is highly nutritious, rich in proteins and is free [...]

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Peanuts and health

Nuts are always in the debate and it has been stuck in the mind that they are “high calorie” and “cholesterol increasing food” for decades. We really need to come out of the fact that are teeny weeny devils. Once such culprit is peanuts which has been a favorite for all ages. It is a [...]

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Snack on pumpkin seeds

Ever thought about pumpkin seeds which we hardly use. They are quite nutritious and a powerhouse of vitamins. They are the ultimate health boosters and one of the tasty healthy foods. If you do have zinc deficiencies, then these seeds are for you to eat. Although they are small in size, they are high in [...]

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egg yolk

Egg yolk- To eat or not to eat

This is a debate going on for quite sometime whether the yolk is bad or not. Many diet freaks avoid them like the plague. But I say eat the yolk. It all depends on how many you are eating. It is not necessary to have cholesterol free diets. We do need some cholesterol. It is [...]

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