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Tips to a healthy heart

Tips to a healthy heart

healthy_heartHeart disease is the most common killer disease in the world.  Let us look at a few tips to cut down the risk of heart disease.

  1. Drink green tea- Green tea contains antioxidants that can reduce cholesterol and decrease blood pressure.
  2. Fiber up your diet- The more fiber you include, lesser is the risk of heart disease. So add oats, bran etc in your diet.
  3. Eat fish- Fish contain omega 3 fatty acids which help the heart to function better.
  4. 100% fruit juice- Juices such as orange juice and grape juice are said to contain antioxidants which help to decrease homo cysteine levels which are the main cause for heart disease.
  5. Add Flaxseed- to your porridge or smoothie to prevent clogging of arteries.
  6. Add garlic- adding garlic to cooking helps to cut down artery blocks.
  7. Eat dark chocolate- rich in antioxidants making the arteries more elastic.
  8. Go bananas- Bananas contain potassium which helps to cut down blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Trying out these tips will take you closer to leading a healthy life free of heart disease

Myth: Chocolate lacks any nutritional value

Myth: Chocolate lacks any nutritional value

darkchocolate_womanChocolate is my favorite food in the world. My friends keep telling me that anyone can lure me away with chocolates.

They have received a lot of beating from all because they are high in calories and can cause cavities. Poor chocolate. In my previous post, http://nutrihealth.in/2008/10/the-brighter-side-of-chocolates/ , I have told you the “feel good” factors of chocolate.

Now for those who do not know about the nutritional value of chocolate, here are a few facts.

  • Chocolate is a good source of magnesium,copper,calcium, iron and zinc.
  • It contains polyphenols which are antioxidants found in tea and red wine and are said to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Antioxidants also lower blood pressure and improve insulin resistance.
  • Stearic acid, is the main saturated fat present in chocolate and this will not raise your cholesterol the way other saturated fats do.
  • About cavities, Chocolate alone is not the culprit. Cavities are formed from any sugars and starches such as white rice, breads etc. The acid thus produced by them causes the cavity. In fact, the calcium from chocolate can be great for the teeth.
  • It does not cause acne and has no link to it at all.

And lastly, it does not cause weight gain unless your pigging yourself with them and eating the sugary ones. Eat them in moderation as a feel good snack and not as your desert.

Try Cadbury bournville Dark chocolate tastes great but do not finish the whole slab. Take a bite and relish the taste.