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Calories burnt during stair climbing

Calories burnt during stair climbing


Climbing stairs is a great way of burning calories. Get on the stepper at the gym or you can just go to a stadium and climb for 30 minutes. Great for cardio, so a stronger heart, well toned legs and glutes.

If you cant spend 30 minutes at stretch, then try to accumulate several minutes over the course of the day at your work place, at the mall or in your apartment.

30 minutes of stair climbing=216 calories burnt(according to a pedometer). Wow!! I did not know I was burning so much daily. Its great news for me.

Eat slow to prevent weight gain

Eat slow to prevent weight gain

eat_slow3Studies have shown that people who hasten through their meals or those who gobble up food until they are totally full have tendency to gain weight. Those who eat faster and eat until full are said to have higher caloric intake and higher body mass indices compared to those who eat slowly.

Weight loss is just not about eating less but also depends on what you eat and the time and pace used in eating. It is wise to slow down or pause between bites and chew very well atleast ten times or more. This helps to relish the food and also to ponder over the feeling.

If you are very hungry and just cant wait to get started, do as I do. I start any meal only after I guzzle a glass of water. This really helps me slow down and also lowers the hunger pangs.  Even drinking sips of water between bites too help you to slow down and finish your meal more slowly. It also tricks you into feeling full.

Eating in smaller plates and bowls also will help you to cut down on portion sizes and also you will feel more satisfied with smaller portions. You will not be able to load your plate too when the smaller sized cutlery are used.

So slow and steady wins the weight loss race!!!!