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4 Foods that weaken your bones

4 Foods that weaken your bones


A lot of emphasis is given to foods that promote healthy bones and the importance of intake of calcium supplements, but have we ever given a thought on few of the foods that can hamper all our efforts. Lets have a look at 4 commonly consumed foods that can weaken our bones.

  1. Salt– Salt is said to weaken our bones. Studies show that for every 2.3g of sodium intake, 0.04g of calcium from the bones are lost. Our diets are generally high in salt, thanks to all the processed foods in the market. Smart move– Cut down salt intake from canned soups, salted meats etc.
  2. Soft drinks– the most publicized food product and this includes the diet varieties too. The phosphoric acid leaches out calcium from the bones. Smart move– Drink low fat milk rather than coke.
  3. Caffeine– The calcium loss is not significant but can eventually add up all because of the lattes and the iced teas. Smart move– try decaffeinated drinks.
  4. Alcohol– It hampers absorption of calcium and other minerals that build bone and also prevent the bone remodeling by the osteoblasts aka bone building cells. Smart move– Limit intake to one drink per day be it wine or whisky.

Control these foods to save your bones for a stronger future..

Coffee- A cup of confusion

Coffee- A cup of confusion


Many people do drink a cup of coffee occasionally, but before drinking it, they preface it by saying that they are not a coffee addict , but enjoy a cup once a way. So Is coffee a friend or a foe?.

The concern about the possible health risks of drinking coffee, being one side of the coin and the modern theory and reports of Coffee’s protective effects being the other. This  leaves many coffee drinkers thinking and confused. And so, what is wrong in calling coffee a cup of confusion.?

Here are some of the benefits of drinking coffee:-

  1. Laboratory studies suggest that the anti inflammatory and antioxidant compounds in coffee could help reduce the risk of some types of cancers.
  2. Coffee has a tendency to speed the passage of waste through the digestive tract. Potentially therefore, this property of coffee can lessen the time that cancer causing compounds spend in contact with the intestinal tract, which could thereby reduce the risk of colon cancer.
  3. Coffee has large amount of antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid and tocopherols,and minerals such as magnesium. These compounds are said to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism . So coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes.
  4. The Iowa woman’s Health study noted that 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day were linked with a 19% lower risk of heart-related death.But doctor’s advice is to be taken and followed.
  5. Coffee is said to lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease. It is said that new age Parkinson’s drugs are now being developed containing a derivative of caffeine.
  6. Coffee lifts the mood of one and cures headache,
  7. Caffeine enhances athletic endurance and performance.
  8. Coffee makes a person more alert,and boosts concentration.

Although the above points tell that coffee offers a variety of health benefits, let us not put all the above aspects on a high pedestal because:

  1. Medical conditions requiring the patient to limit or stop drinking coffee entirely.
  2. Coffee relaxes the muscle thus keeps stomach acids from raising into the throat, so those with heart burn or reflus disease(GERD) are encouraged to avoid or strictly limit coffee.
  3. people with sleeping trouble should limit or avoid caffeinated coffee.
  4. Excess dose of coffee can some times, more than what an individual can tolerate- can increase nervousness, hand trembling and cause rapid heart beat.
  5. Coffee can also raise cholesterol levels in some people and may contribute to artery clogging.
  6. On all the points above ,consult your family doctor. Ask his personalized advice for coffee drinking in case you are suffering from a health condition.

BEWARE that caffeine is addictive, be wise and limit yourself to 2 to 3 cups a day If you fancy a change from home, you can always  treat yourself to a long list of of delicious varieties at a good restaurant.

Top ten foods that increase your hunger and cravings

Top ten foods that increase your hunger and cravings

hunger_cravingsMany dietitians will be happy if their clients say that they are eating very less. Great, better and faster weight loss and more clients.

Wrong on my opinion!!!! If you don’t eat well, you cant beat food cravings. Cravings are the enemies to weight loss. If you want keep depriving yourself, you will end up eating more of whatever you crave for.

Lets have a peek at the foods that can kill your healthy eating efforts.

  1. Salty foods– These increase your cravings by dehydrating you. Now you know why Ruffles Lays have their jingle saying “No one can eat just one”.
  2. Fatty foods– These make you lose your control over your taste buds. The sad part is you cant even enjoy it as you are feeling guilty.
  3. Cold temperatures– Your body needs fuel to generate heat hence food becomes fuel and you end up getting eating more. Winter season is the time you need to exercise more. Hence indoor gyms will come to your rescue.
  4. Artificial sweeteners– Boon or bane!!! Never use these to lose weight. These sweeteners find their way in all the food that are high in fat and in refined sugars. They trick you into eating more as you feel its safe to gobble more as it has no sugar. Take for eg, a piece of cake which contains refined flour and artificial sweetener. Refined flour is nothing but carbs and has no other nutrients.
  5. Caffeine– This is a feel good stimulant, hence food with caffeine can make you eat more as you feel “happy”. Now you why you crave for that lattes and cappuccinos of Cafe Coffee Day.
  6. Alcohol– Alcohol can really increase your cravings for all that tidbits kept in front of you while you are out drinking with your friends and you get mentally weaker to make healthy choices.
  7. Not drinking enough water– Dehydration can make you very hungry. Plus you mistake thirst for hunger pangs. So start drinking up water.
  8. Refined foods with no fiber– These foods enter into your blood sugars really fast and you start feeling hungry again after the meal. You can do a self check after you have eaten white rice or refined pasta.
  9. Sugar– The most common culprit which you can never add a full stop to it.
  10. Swimming-This is very good form of exercise but can make you really ravenous. This is because of the temperature differences as you are in cool water so your body demands for fuel and you push it further with exercise. Now you know why you feel so hungry after swimming. Now this does not mean you should not swim. You just need to keep your food intake in check.