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What is healthy for your child….

What is healthy for your child….

healthy_childNutrition for children is a very important aspect as we are looking at the development and growth of children. A well balanced diet should have all the required nutrients in right proportions.A parent will always have in his/her mind that their child should be eating healthy.

Now how can you as a parent plan your child’s diet?

These are the following major nutrients that you need to include in the diet-

  • Carbohydrates– They are very important as they provide the major source of energy as calories. Foods from this group provide starch or complex carbohydrates for energy and also provide vitamins, minerals and mainly fiber. Include whole grain cereals like brown rice, whole wheat products, oats, ragi, jowar, bajra etc. Idli, dosa, chapatti, poha, upma, mueseli etc should be included in your child’s diet. Avoid refined cereals like cornflakes and other breakfast cereals which contain high sugar content and bad for the teeth and also for weight control.
  • Proteins– Proteins are the building blocks of our body. Hence a child will need enough protien for rapid growth. Protien is also needed for good hair, skin, nails etc. Majorly, good quality protien comes from milk and milk products like yogurt, buttermilk, cheese and cottage cheese or paneer and also from fish, chicken, eggs etc. Include atleast one serving from fish, eggs, lean meats etc and 2-3 servings from milk and milk products. Cheese can be a whole snack by it self rather than in a burger or on a pizza. Protiens also come from vegetarian sources such as nuts and seeds, beans and legumes. These are the protein sources high in fiber and also in various vitamins and minerals. Including a protien source in every meal is very important. Avoid high fat milk sources such as ice cream, pastries as they are high in fat and sugar.
  • Vitamins and minerals(Fruits and vegetables)- The fruits and vegetable food group is very essential as they are the richest sources of vitamins and minerals. They provide major vitamins such as Vitamin A,C and K and also minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium etc which are all required various organ functions and also for teeth and bone health.A variety in the diet provides a variety of this group. The major minerals needed at this phase are calcium, iron etc and vitamins such as Vitamin A for eye sight, growth, Vitamin C for immunity, Vitamin D for healthy bones and Vitamin E for brain development etc. They also provide fiber, serve as healthy snacks and improve the immunity by ten fold. Include this food group in every meal for better health.
  • Fats– Good fats are very essential for the child for both energy levels as well as for brain development. Fat content should come from good fats such as oils, seeds and nuts. Saturated fat which come from whole milk products, cheese should be given in limited quantities. Fats such as hydrogenated fats coming from all confectionery items such as biscuits, cakes and also the hydrogenated fats from chips and french fries are not good fats.
  • Water– Water is the elixir of life. A child should be well hydrated always. You should encourage your child to drink enough water during the day, especially after rigorous play.

Try to cut down sugar, excess of salt, junk food such as maggi noodles, chips, soft drinks etc. More information on junk food will be posted in the coming week.

If this simple fundamentals of a diet are followed, then your child is on the path to better health.

Steps to stick to your new diet….

Steps to stick to your new diet….

stick_to_new_dietMany clients of mine say that they find it very tough to stick to the diet plan I have given them as they cant control their cravings.

Timings when cravings hit are mostly in the afternoons and late in the evenings. So how do you tackle them? Yes, there are solutions.

Firstly, learn to differentiate between hunger and thirst. If you have eaten and after sometime still have a craving to eat, Drink water if you get this feeling, you may be thirsty.

If you are asked to finish dinner early and especially in the early stages of following a low calorie diet, you may be hit with hunger pangs. To control this either have milk and fruit or yogurt. Fruits can freshen you up with a little sugar surge and the protein gives you the feeling of fullness. Rather than tearing open a packet of chips which should not be lurking about in your house, keep the low calorie snacks ready.

Binge eating during the day can be controlled by keeping a fruit bowl in your bag, flavoured buttermilk mixed with soda. Take up an activity which burns calories. Rather than taking a long snooze in the noon or just whiling away time, hit the gym about 2 hours after lunch. If you have had a very light lunch, you can hit the gym a little lesser than 2 hours.

Sweet cravings need to be handled well as the calories they provide are terrifying. Hence first task clear out the refrigerator of all the sweets. You feel very low and would really want to grab a sweet, go for a fruit or 2-3 dates.

What if you can stick to the servings planned by the dietitian or in simple words the quantity prescribed for you, eat salads so that you don’t overeat. A bowl of soup too can be satisfying.

Alcohol can add a lot of calories hence try to stay away from them. You can have a small glass of wine or try to dilute the drink with a lot of water. I suggest skip the drink.

All what you need is good will power. Try these tricks and see the magical difference.

Buttermilk Vs Coke

Buttermilk Vs Coke

boy-drinking-coke-thumb253355Buttermilk as we know is low in fat and calories and is also healthy for your bones.

It is much healthier than aerated drinks or soft drinks. Soft drinks leach out the calcium from the bones and crate a havoc with the calcium balance in the body. The artificial colors are cancerous and can stain your teeth and and leach out calcium from your teeth too.

Soft drinks are high in sugar and gives you unwanted calories and can cause weight gain.

People who want to gain weight should never drink aerated drinks to gain weight as it affects the bones and results in thinner bones.

While buttermilk is very low in calories and is rich in calcium which strengthens the bones. It is a natural drink made from milk products. It is better to keep a bottle of buttermilk with you rather than a can of coke.

A large glass of buttermilk can give 60-80mg of calcium which can really help to increase your calcium intake. It does not contain any sugar and hence does not affect your bones and cause weight gain.

It is a thirst quencher and does not induce any sugar cravings as how coke can do.

So cheers to buttermilk!!!!

Isabgol and weight loss

Isabgol and weight loss

Hunger is one feeling which many struggle to curb. Isabgol or psyllium husks can help you out. A teaspoon of this husk mixed in warm or cool water or in buttermilk, can be consumed before meals and this will cut down the hunger pangs and prevent uncontrolled binges. Isabgol swells up in the stomach and gives you the feeling of fullness. So in turn it helps to reduce your food intake, cuts down calories and helps you to lose weight. A word of caution, do not take more than 3 teaspoons of isabgol. Excess of fiber can give you indigestion, flatulence etc. This is not a supplement and is not going to dissolve or remove any food from the intestines. It does not reduce the fat intake in the body but just helps to cut down calories.

Hungry at night?

Hungry at night?

It is advisable not to eat just before going to bed and there should be a 2 hour gap between dinner and bed time. This is not absolutely right. You need not go to bed hungry convincing yourself that you are doing your self a favor.

Many end up snacking if they are working or studying late into the night and have hampered sleep patterns or weight gain due to unhealthy snacking.

This is a misunderstanding. All you need to do is not to eat a whole meal or a full meal before going to bed. A small healthy snack is very much allowed to beat night cravings.

Snacks can be fruits or 1/2 of low fat yogurt or a glass of warm milk or even buttermilk. Even a quarter bowl of cereal with milk or half a sandwich can work if you are eating within your limits.The time between dinner and the pre-bed time snack should be atleast one hour or a little more. This will help to curb any midnight fridge raids or disturbances in sleep.