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Try my healthy Ice cream. Avacado Ice-cream

Try my healthy Ice cream. Avacado Ice-cream

avacado_icecreamI have a major sweet tooth!!! I just love ice creams and chocolates. But now I have learn t to resist these temptations. But can you imagine a life with out these goodies. As a dietitian, I should be saying I can live with out  , but trust me, I am as normal as you are, hence I do occasionally give in to my temptations.

A large Death by chocolate ice cream (Oh!!my gang love this one) has about 600-800 calories. It makes up three-fourths of my calorie intake as I follow a 1200Kcal diet. So definitely its a no-no for me. I generally end up eating a meager scoop for which I keep insisting to serve me the smallest scoop possible.

I came to know I am strong willed when last week end, I just avoided the dessert, when all my friends and my husband were indulging. I was relieved that I saved alot on calories. But I thought, is there a replacement for ice cream? How can I eat good food minus the icky calories?

Then I got a brain wave. The answer to my question was Avocado ice cream.

I picked up fresh avocados from the super market and I was planning to include it in my diet for this week.  And now it has become my healthy ice cream.

Here is the recipe for those who want to try it.

Scoop out the flesh of the avocado. (Preferably they should be firm, other wise, it will dribble.)
2. After scooping, Freeze the fruit in ice cream bowls (Freeze for 2 hours,  so that it gets the firm texture.)
3. Before serving, sprinkle a teaspoon of crushed nuts over it. You can also pour a teaspoon of date syrup or honey rather than caramelized sugar before you freeze it.

My avocado ice cream gives 150-200 calories. You save about 400-600 calories (Yay!). You can serve yourself smaller portions by sharing a whole avocado between a friend, as in my case my husband, my diet buddy. The creamy texture makes you feel you are eating ice cream.

You get to eat monounsaturated fats which is good for your heart compared to the saturated fat in ice cream.

Avocados are packed with nutrients. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and potassium, they are useful sources of vitamin B6. Due to their high vitamin E content, avocados have powerful antioxidant properties which help slow down ageing, protect against cancer, heart disease and many other problems. They are low on sugar compared to ice creams…

However, avocados are high in calories and should be eaten in moderation on any weight loss diet. This is a rare indulge but a guilt free one….But it is much healthier than ice cream….

Go ahead and try it out!!!!!

Add fat to your breakfast

Add fat to your breakfast

Just as we know breakfast is a very important meal for the day, it is very important to balance it too. Predominantly carbohydrates are always present in the form of bread and cornflakes. Proteins come in the form of eggs and milk. But what about fat? Fat usually is very less in breakfast rather than other meals.

I say including some fat in this meal is very important. As our body needs to function well and also helps you to fill up. Keeps you active and energetic for your morning shuttle to office or at home once you start vacuuming and cleaning.

The best choices are the ones which give you the healthy fats such as the mono unsaturated fats.

Adding nuts is very helpful. Especially for kids, very active people and pregnant women.

A dash of olive oil to the veggies in the sandwich can help and so also flaxseeds which are very rich in omega-3 fats.

Avocado is the best choice which has twin benefits as it is a fruit as well as gives you the good fats. It is a very good start for a day as it has fiber which can stabilize your blood sugars as well provide Vitamin B and E.

It can be added in a sandwich or a salad along with other veggies or it can be mashed and be applied on bread slices.

A thin layer of low fat butter which is fortified with Vitamin A and E is also equally good.

Stay away from fats such as ghee, full fat butter, deep fried food which are all very harmful for health.

High energy but yet calorie controlled snacks can help you to be charged through out the day.