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Amla – A ‘Vitamin C’ Power House

Amla – A ‘Vitamin C’ Power House

amla power house

These days one sees a lot of Amla, differently called as Amalika or Indian gooseberry, stacked in the vegetable shops. Before the season is over and the stocks get exhausted, it would be in the interest of every one to buy and consume as much as possible this exquisite little spherical greenish and amazing vegetable, fit to be weighed in gold, as a part of his or her daily diet.

Amla contains Vitamin C in high doses which can have a dramatic effect in improving allergy symptoms particularly Hay fever and asthma, due to its ability to counteract the inflammatory responses that are part of such conditions. Amla contains the highest natural source of vitamin C and has been traditionally used to promote immunity.

A few wonderful qualities of  amla

  • Amla contains 720 mg of vitamin C for every 100 grams of fresh pulp or up to 900 mg of vitamin C for every 100 grams of pressed juice.
  • The Vitamin C in amla is of a heat-stable form which does not lose its value through processing . This is one of the main reasons it is an essential ingredient in the preparation of the very popular Ayurvedic medicine Chyavanaprash.
  • The edible amla fruit tissue has three times the protein concentration and 160 times the ascorbic acid concentration of an apple.
  • Since amla also comtains tannins, its dried form retains most of the vitamin contents
  • Amla fruit juice is said to contain nearly 20 times as much vitamin C as orange juice.
  • Amla fruit also contains considerably higher concentration of most minerals and amino acids than apple.
  • Amla fruit has also Chromium, Zinc and copper.

No wonder in olden days, elders in the family used to buy Amla in large quantities during the season, and prepare pickles out of it and keep them properly, so that all through the year they could consume Amla and  enjoy the various benefits of Amla.