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Unsteadiness during ageing and a few tips to keep you safe

Unsteadiness during ageing and a few tips to keep you safe

Ageing and unsteadiness
Ageing and unsteadiness

Unsteadiness is a common problem with increasing age. Staying steady depends on the systems within the body remaining healthy. In one staying steady, muscles and joints play an important part along with the eyes and the brain.

If one has problem with his or her balance and/or walking or if one had a fall, the family physician has to be consulted who will give an action plan to reduce the risk of falling. Strength and balance exercises will be the primary advice from the doctor., Then checking your home for hazards,  investigating into your health problem if any, getting your eyes tested / also taking care of your feet, Monitoring the medicines you are taking, can also be a part of a Doctor’s  investigation.

One should try to benefit most out of exercise program  especially designed by the Doctor or a physiotherapist.This is specially important if one has had a fall or is unsteady on his/her feet.

Simply because one had a fall or one is afraid of a fall, doing exercise should never be given up. Reducing  physical activity can also  make one more prone to falling !

In a nutshell the above are summarized below.

a) Checking your eye sight:
Your vision plays an important role in your sense of balance and movement.

b) Managing your medicines:
Some medicines can make you faint or unsteady. Consult a Doctor. He may  prescribe a change in the dose or the  medicine itself.

c) Making your home a safe environment:
Keeping an eye on things that could cause you to slip/trip/hurt, make your home safe. Good lighting, anti-slip mat in the bathroom ,hand rails wherever needed are a few thing required.

d) Taking care of  your feet:
Beware of foot problems. They can affect your mobility and balance. Loose and worn-out foot wear should be avoided.

E)  Eat Well and Take Your Supplements
Eating nutritiously means choosing foods that provide you with the right amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals. Minimum levels that are required to keep you from suffering from a deficiency in one or more of these elements is not the same thing as obtaining sufficient quantities to reach an optimum level of health and to maximize your body’s ability to fight disease.