Introducing, Juice & Smoothie recipes

Introducing, Juice & Smoothie recipes

With getting an enormous response from its readers and subscribers, Nutrihealth has reached a staggering 1000 visitors per day. Although might not sound much, but its really doing well for a site that is just a month old. But We are very happy and excited about it. Nutrihealth will be tying up with popular Doctors in the coming months and will be giving out Diet & Health tips for various Health & Nutrition problems associated with various kinds of ailments.

With the number of visitors growing and with the astounding popularity of the website, Our Readers have requested for a separate column related to “juices & Smoothies” that are healthy, tasty and and Nutritious. The recipes will be such that anyone would love to have it. plus, will be very easy to prepare . We are working on this and we will be publishing these lovely recipes in a few more days. Until then Keep reading and Stay Fit. Because health is wealth.

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  1. Hi..Your blog is very informative..
    I am a regular alternate cardio and weight training…
    I also try n eat a healthy food plan all through day and sometimes binge ( sensibly) on Sundays…I have recognised a problem, that is, whenever I eat wgite sugar or sugary products, I gain temporary weight ( or bloating maybe)…
    I have been suggested to take Protein shake for better strength and have also purchased one( a bomber on my tiny lil purse !!)
    But again I think I am bloating…is there any better substitute for this?
    Shall I eat more egg whites(boiled) rather than the shake?
    Please suggest…

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