Lose weight with Green Tea

Lose weight with Green Tea

green tea
green tea

Many people when talking of Green Tea and its benefits mention also about weight loss in the same breath. Weight loss is largely associated with life style correction and moderation in diet. One can always try and use green tea if it can be of real help, because Green Tea is known to improve the metabolism by about four percent .No doubt, four percent is a small figure, but any help one can get from it for shedding weight and help the obese person, is always welcome.

Green tea also cohibits fat absorption and helps to regulate glucose. By slowing the rise in blood sugar after a meal, it prevents insulin spikes, which helps because, lots of storage of insulin causes fat storage as well.

Please remember that the main key to losing weight and slimming is moderation and life style correction. Eat moderately, drink moderately, and exercise moderately and in the same vein drink your green Tea in moderation. Please repeat reading the above two sentences again and again and put them into practice daily for weight loss. ..

Drinking or overdrinking of Green Tea does not increase the benefits you desire for slimming . Respect your body and love every part of it. Remember that “Moderation” is the watchword for attacking obesity.

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  1. I agree. one needs to have agood life style. there is no miracle drug in this world that can make you lose weight! except for a good life style and timely eating of food. and a proper schedule of sleep! Nice article btw.

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