Ways to cure Fatty liver

Ways to cure Fatty liver

ways to cure fatty liver

A query from a faithful subscriber.

I am a male of 33 years of age,recently diagnosed with Grade 1 fatty liver. How can I get rid of this problem? Besides I am gaining weight around the mid section. Kindly advise me the treatment and food I should follow.

My reply:

Fatty liver is a common problem seen in many urban parts of India. Most of the time it goes untreated or doctors fail to advise on this condition. This does not produce any visible symptoms , but can put you at the risk of liver inflammation which ultimately can lead to jaundice( hepatitis), liver failure and liver cancer. Initially it stays as a benign condition and is really harmless. But it can progress to a potential slow killer.

Fatty liver Commonly seen in overweight persons and mostly above the ages of 30 and any liver problems are associated with alcohol. But Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease(NAFLD) is commonly seen rather than the Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. So non alcohol drinkers too can get afflicted.

In this condition, the liver consists of excess of fat and the healthy tissues are replaced by unhealthy fats. This makes the liver larger and heavier. This can possibly lead to gall stones.

What can be the various causes for a person to have fatty liver?

  • Being Overweight or obese especially in the abdominal area
  • Poor diet- high sugar intake, high fat intake
  • Elevated cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood
  • If suffering from metabolic syndrome
  • Diabetic for over a long period of time and taking medications for the same

Now the question arises whether is it possible to fatty liver?

Yes, it is definitely possible to reverse the condition of fatty liver if the following tips are followed.

Diet modifications

  • Reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates in your diet such as white bread, white rice, pasta, noodles, cakes, biscuits, desserts, soft drinks, sweetened fruit juices and also that of table sugar. Avoid breakfast cereals too.
  • Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  • Eat whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat products, oats, ragi, bajra, jowar etc and Pulses and legumes.
  • Avoid all kinds of fried food, processed food, high fat foods in general all junk food.
  • Avoid red meats such as mutton, beef, pork and opt for fat trimmed meats and white meats such as fish, chicken, turkey. Avoid processed meat or cured meats.
  • Switch over to low fat milk products from full cream or full fat milk products.
  • Avoid margarine, mayonnaise as much as possible.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners as well. They do not help in the long term.
  • Use oils which provided monounsaturated fatty acids.

Other influences

  • Control diabetes with diet, medications and exercise.
  • Keep your cholesterol levels in check and reduce triglycerides in the blood.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Exercise daily to reduce weight and to keep weight in check. Reduce the abdominal fat content by eating smaller meals and by exercising daily by walking, jogging and also bu incorporating yoga in your diet.

Sanjana M Shenoy is a A dietitian from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Having worked as a Dietitian for the Manipal Group of Hospitals namely KMC hospital Mangalore, India. She is also a consultant for corporate's like Infosys and others, conducting talks and presentations for various associations and local television shows. She consults at her Diet and Nutrition clinic "Nutrihealth" in Mangalore. Also is a visiting consultant to various hospitals in and around Mangalore and also runs an active online consultation.

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  1. Hi Sanjana,

    I am a regular visitor of your website.I have a query regarding sinus and piles.My husband is having some symptoms like headache, dizziness, dull feeling ,heavy breathing and snoring in the night.The doctor has diagonized
    his condition as sinusitis and prescribed antibiotics Amoxillin.Its a heavy dosage of 3 times a day for 7 days , each of 500mg.No vitamin tables have been prescribed .

    What are the food restrictions for a person suffering from sinus?Can he have curd?His intake of antibiotics is causing lot of trouble due to heat.Moreover he is feeling a irritating sensation in rectum and is using Anusol for relief.Will this intake of antibiotics aggravate his condition? When he consulted the doctor for sinus, he hadn’t informed about the problem in his anal area.
    Please advise.


  2. Hi Vineeta

    There are no food restrictions for sinusitis. But a good diet can help through the inflammation. Exercise can help to ease up the breathing, so a 30 minute walk daily can do wonders.

    I agree the antibiotic dosage is high. He needs to be well hydrated and has to include probiotics in his diet. For the anal pain, he should immediately meet a gastroenterologist and get it treated as soon as possible. Self medication is not advisable now.

    He can include curds in his diet. If he feels that the symptoms of sinusitis are aggravating, then he can avoid it. Probiotic supplements are easily available in the form of tablets. It is available in any pharmacy. These tablets contain lactic acid. Preferably get a prescription for this supplement although this can be safely taken off the counter.

  3. This is a good basic recipe for anyone for improved health. Re: sinusitus – I have never heard probiotics for that condition, but I suppose they are good for everything as well. I stopped having sinus infections when I began taking a supplement with spirulina in it. Also I had a good doctor who did not want to overprescribe antibiotics. It worked! No antibiotics now for almost 10 years! And no sinus infections!

  4. Hey Sanjana,

    I am so delighted to see this feed. I was detected fatty liver about 4 years ago. I am neither overweight or alcoholic (at that time I was 160lbs with 5-6″ height). The doctors couldnt advise me anything. I think immediately afterwards, I found that I had high cholesterol too.

    I follow your blog and since I have lost about 14lbs. I also watch my food closely. I completely believe that my next numbers will fall down without taking any cholesterol medication which would have hampered my liver further.

    Re:Vineeta-If you let me I would suggest something for piles. I used to have some problem in past and I found that Triphala Churna (from Himalaya), 1tab before meals and warm bath with few drops of castor oil helps great. Ofcourse one has to control diet and take advice of specialist.


  5. Thank you so much Sanjana,Carol and Vikram for sharing your views on my problem.I will include loads of curd and vegetables in his diet and also advise him to consult a doctor for his problem,He had been using Anusol for about a week now and still feels the lump.So I think a doctor only can advise more on this. Thank you for all your suggestions.

    Have a nice day!

  6. Thank you so much Dr.Sanjana for throwing light on this. I will definitely include curd in his diet and consult doctor regarding his problem.
    Thank you so much!
    Have a nice day!

  7. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your valuable comment. In India there is a common belief that milk and yogurt can cause mucus accumulation and cause a cold. This myth has been coming down from generations. Hence, very difficult to change this. I usually advise an alternative to people who get these symptoms. There is a concept of “cold foods” which can cause a cold or give a congestion and “heat foods” which make make people hot and make them break out into sweats. Milk and milk products are considered cold foods.

    Vineeta asked me if her husband can eat yogurt for his sinusitis, while yogurt would have helped him for his piles condition,as she feels his sinusitis can aggravate by eating yogurt.

  8. Dear Sanjana,
    I’m Priya, 26yrs(delivered my first baby 2 months back) and recently diagnosed with Grade 1 fatty liver. Also, it looks like i have multiple tiny mobile gallstones. I wonder whether these are due to my pregnancy. coz, i had a health checkup 4 months before i got pregnant and was in good health. My SGOT and SGPT were only 14 and 17 then; but now its raised to 119 and 423 which i know is toooo high. Also my triglycerides are only 140, cholesterol levels are good. I do not have diabetes, my BMI is 23.8, have never consumed alcohol, now taking lots of milk as I’m lactating. I consulted a physician here and I’m given Ursodiol tablets. Kindly advise on what I should do and a diet to follow as I’m breastfeeding.

    Thanks in Advance..

  9. Hi

    haviing pain in right abdomen for 4-5 months. liver enzymes varying from normal to levle of 90. Doctor says it is fatty liver.

    Kindly advise how to cure without any medicine beacuse allopathy does not suit me and rather increases pain.

  10. Dr. Sanjana,

    I was searching the web for facts of the FATTY LIVER as I was detected for the same while undergoing for a CT Scan for my kidney stones as I had undergone PCNL for my kidney. The radiologist deteceted fatty liver in the CT scan and and also in the Ultra Sound Scan. I don’t have gall bladder stones as they were not detected in the 2 scans.I am diabetic and under treatment from a very good diabetalogist in Mumbai. I am a vegetarian and don’t take alcohol. a year back my weight was 84 Kgs and now it is 89 Kgs. my belly portion is too large just like an Obese person but I am not obese person. My diet intake is very simple NO sugar / No areated waters / No startchy foods / No junk foods / take only rotis for my lunch & dinner / OATS for my brakfast and milk products like Probiotic dahi & low fat milk.

    What should I do for my day by day increasing waist ( belly) line my legs are very thin . CT Scan shows my intestines are very normal except for a large mass of fatyy deposits on the internal organs of my belly and fatty liver. Kindly advise.

    I live in Mumbai. And I commute daily to office by two wheeler- train- walk which is about 35 KMs onway. I mean I am very active every day.

    Kindly advise what can I do to reduce my weight / fatty liver. I am 45 yrs old. Diabetic since last 10 yrs. height 5’8″ weight 89 Kgs ( increased by 5 kgs in last 1 yr period.) ***** MUMBAI / 05.02.2010

  11. Dr. Sanjana,
    Thanks for your great writing on Fatty Lever. I am also suffring from the same. I was treated earlier as migrane. It is discovered in last year that I have Fatty Lever through sonography at Kolkata. Is that sign of Cancer? I am 50 years old weight 80 Kg and hight 5?10?. My sexual life is also distrubed, feeling lazyness all the time and continious digestive problems but luckely I am not diabetic. I offenly take Ibugesic Plus, Gelusil MPS, Tetramycin and Pentop-40. Kindy suggest me.

  12. Sudhakar:

    I am not a dietician but I couldnt resist replying to your situation.

    Basically you are in the same boat as I was 1 year ago. Difference- I was 30 years old and was 160 lbs with 5-6″, non-alcoholic and non-diabetic. Still I had a fatty liver! Fatty liver as such is not a serious disease in short-term but it can have long term effects on your health. In extreme cases liver cirossis..but it would certainly raise your triglycerides.

    First priority in your case would be drastically reducing your weight. While you are already doing good job in your lifestyle, I think there is more to be done. I think it will be good to reduce the amount of food. Also it would be good to take out rotis once in while in your meals. Eat lots of salad. Avoid deep fried food and any type of junk food. Write down a diary of what you eat every day and you will know more about your meals. Avoid caffine (coffee, tea) because it slows down your metabolism. Eat lots of food and if possible do not drink non-fat milk. Its a contradictory statement, but its a processed milk and it wont do good to your health.
    Last but not least you will have to exercise. Walk and commuting wont count towards your exercise. You have to exercise so that all of your muscles are getting trained. Treadmill, running, crunches..something that will increase your heartbeat to 135+ for 30 mins would be of great help.
    — but once again, I am not a doctor or a dietician, I am writing this based on my personal experience through which I completely gotten rid of my fatty liver within 9 months which stayed with me for 5 years.

  13. Correction:
    Eat lots of “food”, should be read as “Fruits”.. but since you are diabetic you will have to watch it too

  14. hey even my father is suffering from fatty liver,sinus and migraine.we are vegetarian,no alcholic drinks,he got diabets since 1 year. so please can u advise me how to cure this disease.


    Your Liver is as vital to your health as your heart and lungs are.. But nobody cares to keep it healthy and one fine morning you go to a doctor to hear from him that you have some problem with your liver.

    You can keep your Liver healthy by living clean, by eating crunchy veggies and also by having an eye on the nutritional supplements you may be having on your dining table. May I elaborate this para for the benefit of all ?.

    Liver is a vital part of one’s body. It is not just a place to work as a filter mechanism. All of the blood that has visited your small intestine flows through the liver where it gets detoxified. It is a big job, and Liver is doing it. Having said this much, some tips are given below for helping your Liver to help you and these need your cooperation.

    1) To give less work to the liver and live clean, drink filtered water always, eat
    unprocessed foods, choose veggie protein over red meat,

    2) To add crunchy veggies, have broccoli and cabbage, then B-rich foods like whole grains, and high C items such as citrus fruits and green leaves. All these, if regularly consumed assist the Liver’s detoxifying process.

    3) Consider a supplement. Lecithin ( Soya beans and egg yolks are good sources ) and Zinc support Liver function. Herbs like Milk thistle and dandelion may help liver function too., but please consult your doctor before taking them.

    4) Do not take too much of vitamin “A”. If you do, you risk liver problems including Cirrhosis.

    5) Remember always that liver does a lot of jobs in the body and if one job fails from any one of the major ones, one had better start making funeral arrangements. It is very necessary therefore one has to watch his or her weight, When you get fat, liver also gets fat too. Further, low alcoholic intake( if stopped altogether ,the better) and a sensible diet are the best bets for the liver and given maximum care, the liver will do its functions properly.

  16. Very good words Mr.Sundaram. Actually visiting Nutrihealth has become a habit… and reading your article has become another. I think you should also write for this blog as well. 🙂 Dr. Sanjana Please publish articles of Mr.Sundaram as well..

    Looking forward to read more from you as well sir.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Nithin Ahuja

  17. thanks for this website, i found the article on fatty liver through google. i dont usually reply to websites like this but it seems like the effort you put in helps a lot of people. thank you!

  18. Dear Sanjana,
    I am suffering pain in right side of my Stomach and lower abdominal since year 2000. I am facing the problem since last 10 years. I am diagnosed as a FATTY LIVER & detected for the same while undergoing for a CT Scan. The radiologist detected fatty liver in the CT scan and and also in the Ultra Sound Scan. I have calcium formation/Polib in gallbladder stones as they were not detected in the 2 scans. Last month (March-2010) I also operated and remove the Gallbladder. After operation and I also suffering the same problem and pain .
    Kindly suggest me. I am a non-vegetarian and don’t take alcohol. A year back my weight was 75 Kgs. My diet intake is very simple NON-VEG (meat mutton & chicken), NO sugar / No aerated waters / No starchy foods / No junk foods / take only rotis for my lunch & dinner / OATS for my breakfast and milk products like Probiotic dahi & low fat milk.

  19. Hi Shabina,

    Online consultation will be starting soon in another 2-3 months…You can register and consult. For now follow all the tips given in the article on fatty liver.

  20. my brother got fatty liver,but he also got gastric problem which mean gastric juice coming in into oesophagus, is it due to fatty liver problem ah,.

  21. respected sir i am suffering from non alcohlic fatty liver since last one year, my SGOT & SGPT always near about 100 and 125 respectively. UD-liv 150 and liver tonic also taken three or four months but no response or recovery is seen. also i am suffering with over weight. my age is 34 year. please send the treatment and diet chart.

  22. I think you need to rethink some of your advice of diet re fatty liver. Too much fruit is not good. Fruit is nearly pure sugar (fructose) which converts to fat in the liver.
    This is also true to for veg juices, in particularly carrot and beet, high in sugar.
    Carbs need to be avoided and there are soem recent double blind studies which confirm low carb diet will reverse fatty liver disease.

    Fruit is carb = sugar

  23. Hi,

    I have been diagnosed with Fatty Liver for last 1 yr.

    Just got the test conducted after 1 yr.

    SGOT = 106.40
    SGPT = 240.90
    Cholesterol Total = 88
    LDL Cholestrol = 36.90
    TC/ HDL ratio = 0.86

    I am 39 yrs old and overweight.

    I am Vegiterian and Non – Alcholic.
    Along with Excersie, what diet shall I have to cure my Liver.

    If you can please elaborate on the Vegetables, pluses and other foods which we can take / avoid, that would be much helpful.



  24. Hello, My son was dignosed with a fatty liver. He’s 12 years old and he’s overweight. I’m freaking out and i know he has a poor diet. I need help.. please help me to help him to recover from this illness.. Im so worried for his well being. I love him so much and don’t want to lose him. PLease, please help me.

  25. hi
    i am 22 years old.i drink on regular basis but i also eat a good healyhy diet.
    i am having grade 1 liver problem since last 2 years.it is consistent.i also have pain but it is not so severe.
    please suggest me ways how to get rid of it.

  26. Hi, i used to drink earlier, around five months back i started to gain weight.i have just quitted alcohol a week back, i keep on having irritation in the abdomen area. can i be having a fatty liver?if so is it late to stop alcohol?

  27. Hi,

    My husband 37 years old,has been diagnoised with gall stones in pre-employee medical check up in November 2009, On that time he had multiple gallstones of very small size. Later in June 2010 when get scanned he had multiple gall stones with one measuring about 11.6 mm and was diagnoised with grade 1 fatty liver. He had bit more cholestrol level 202. and he is taking ayurvedic medicine now for gallstones and fatty liver from jun 27th 2010. and now gallstones have decreased to 5 to 6 stones and he is not taking any fat food during this medication. And having apple juice and vegetable juices daily with little yoga. From past one month he dint had job and was at home and was taking medicine. NOw in his new job he may need to work at 5pm to 3am. I am worried now like whether fatty liver will cure when at night shift.

  28. And also i forgot to mention like we are vegetarians and he was having beer that too occasionlay 5 years back.. From 5 years he has not even touched beer. but when he had much work at office he was sitting working long hours without food. And he was in night shift for some years and again day shift for some years and again night shift.. CAn you please suugest me by tellin wheter he can do night shifts if yes at what times he should have food and all

  29. And also now cholsetrol level is also in control about 140 to 150 and triglycerdie is normal and he had liver function test also last mnth.. everything was within range

  30. Hi Sanjana,

    I have been diagnosed with NAFLD for about 6 years. Is there a breakdown of foods you can provide to help me in my aid to reverse this condition. Is there something you can provide like
    what I can eat in the morning’s, afternoon’s, evening’s, etc

    I did a blood test and my reading shows 80 mlg… what does this mean?



  31. I am 63 old woman, suffering from increase in creatine level and urea in blood serum.
    Doctors suggest tamarind less, salt less diet.
    Can you suggest the vegetables and food for me pl.

    Pushpa, Chennai

  32. Dear Karan,
    I read your story. I am 40 year old and same story with me. I am fatty liver diagnosed and already removed Galblader last year due to heavy pain in my right side lower abdonimal. My pain is still in right side after one year of operation. Kindly suggest … how I REDUCE This pain and recovered by fatty liver.

  33. I have psoriasis.. and have been diagnosed w a fatty liver. How does Psoriasis affect my liverbb in this condition and all psoriasis treatments seem to affect my liver.. what are my options now>?

  34. Hi Sanjana,

    I am 28 Years Old and i am diabetic since 1 Year, recently when i have undergone my health check up, i have found that my SGOT and SGPT levels are high 180 and i have undergone Ultrasound test and also found the Fatty Liver Grade 1, i am non alcoholic and i dont even smoke can you please suggest me what would be the cause for My Fatty Liver Grade 1 and the best remedy. I am consulting a doctor this week but i want to know if i could also control myself.

    Note: i stopped Complete intake of Non Veg since 2 Months, I am even suffering from Breathing problem feeling uneasy while breathing feel like taking heavy breaths in short interval of time.

    Sudhakar M.

  35. My younger brother (29 Yrs) is suffering from Fatty Liver. He was just a social drinker, means oncec in a month. Second he does daily exercise. mainly body building exercise and having a very good muscle body. He is doing GYM from last 7 yrs. Only bad thing in life style is that he is in marketing so bound to take food from outside.

    Now what life style / food habiy he shoud follow?

  36. Dear Mukul,

    There are a few good articles on Fatty Liver in this column. Please read them carefully and try to follow them strictly.Since your brother is in the marketing line, apart from the food he takes outside as mentioned by you, if his work entails travelling, there is every chance of his having different kinds of food every day at different places.. This is a serious negative food habit. This can nullify the effect of all the good routine he may follow. His food habit can affect his medical treatment also. Better consult a good doctor, place before him all these facts and strictly follow his advice. The articles here will also help him to a great extent. He is young, 29 and so do no not neglect his health condition.

  37. Still waiting for the reply for the question which i posted on 01. Jun, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    I appreciate if i could hear something on this

    Sudhakar M.

  38. Just now via sonography reports I have told that I have fatty liver. I used to consume alcohol moderately in the past, but off late I am off alcohol. I love diary products, cant resist butter.
    My weigth is 93 kgs, and fat on abdomen, hips, and lower back. My arms/legs are thin.
    Shape i can say like a coke bottle. Cholestrol ratio is poor. High Bp tablets taking for past 6 years. Rest of my health is normal.

    I have been losing weight and get loose, then gain again. YoYo case I admit.

    Confused state of mind. I have all the pathology reports and seeing a doctor tomorow to know on line of treatment.

    ICan you throw some light for my future guidance

    Can you throw some light to help me how I should go about.

  39. Dear Harish Shani,

    I have seen the message about your health. I am not a doctor ,but from what little I have read from books and journals, I am writing to you, not to frighten you at all. .

    You have mentioned that you have fatty liver as diagonised from sonography tests.You say you have a liking for dairy products and butter.You have left moderate consumption of alcohol which is a good sign. But, you must note that it is a mistake to think that you have to be a heavy drinker to run into health problems. Alcoholic hepatitis ,cirrhosis of the liver are some of the serious liver diseases. It can take 10 to 15 years drinking over a period of time to harm your liver. Please note that there should be very little or no fat in the liver.

    You have not given your height and age except telling that you are 93 kgs in weight which to me looks to be on the high side. Your waist line must be pretty large and you have fat deposits on hips and thighs. It is not good. The waistline of a male should be less than 102 cms or 40 inches. You have described the shape of your body as that of a coke bottle. It sbould be as that of an hour glass, narrow in the middle if I may say so..

    Taking tablets for high BP for the last 6 years is not a good at all which means your BP is not responding to medicines..

    Personally, I feel you need immediate medical treatment for your multiple health problems and you must without any further loss of time see a Specialist Doctor and start taking treatment. I earnestly request you to do the same immediately. I repeat I am not a Doctor. Wish you all the best.

  40. Mr. Vijay.

    Your mail of 9th July. to tell that you are diagonised as having Fatty Liver.and want to get out of this problem. As a regular reader like you of these columns, i can just advise you that, there are many useful articles on this subject appearing in this site, such as” Ways to cure Fatty liver, What causes fatty Liver, Liver tonic etc. Please go through them , follow what all you can in the best manner possible, also consult a specialist doctor for your liver problem and take the necessary treatment. Please do this as fast as you can so that it does not become a serious problem to you. Again, I repeat, please go through the articles and change your lifestyle as best as you can along with the doctors treatment.

  41. I am a female of 19 years of age, recently diagnosed with Grade III fatty liver.
    How can I get rid of this problem?
    Besides I am gaining weight these days.
    Kindly advise me the treatment and proper diet I should follow..

  42. Hi,

    I was told that I have a Fatty Liver disease thru USG, I am a non-alchohalic, also I have some superficial ulcear, doctor did not prescribe any medicine as it will cure naturally. Hence, what natural way to get it cured? could you please guide me?

  43. Hi, myself nagendra shukla, 21 m. .
    I have a problem of fatty liver. . In ultra sound i find that there is a n.s. Mild fatty change noted in my liver . Plz. Suggest me something which can help me 2 get gud liver.

  44. Dear ALL, Debjani, Ram and Nagendra.

    Your mails to let us know that you are diagonised as having Fatty Liver.and want a cure for this problem. I am not a Doctor, but as a regular reader like you of these columns, i can just advise you that, there are many useful articles giving special and valuable information on this subject appearing in this site, such as” Ways to cure Fatty liver, What causes fatty Liver, Liver tonic etc. Please go through them carefully, follow what all you can in the best manner possible, also consult a specialist doctor — I repeat consult a doctor– for your liver problem and take the necessary treatment. Please do this as fast as you can so that it does not become a serious and difficlt matter for you and the doctor. Again, I repeat, please go through the articles and change your lifestyle. pay particular attention to your diet which is most important and include physical exercise as part of your daily routine. in addition to the doctors treatment. Best wishes to you all.

  45. recently i have been declared having fatty liver and having gilbert syndrome and also i am also diabetic .please suggest me what to do

  46. Is liver problems heriditary.do small changes in skin colours especially on fingers indicate liver problems

  47. Hi
    I have been reported of having gross hepatomegaly with fatty diffuse. My HDL levels are 19mg/dl and triglycerides are 395. This was found out from the regular routine check up. I am not alcoholic nor a smoker. I consume non-veg in my diet often.
    The doctor consulted instructed me to meet a gastro for checking the liver…
    Can you give the details of seriousness of the disease and the cure…


  48. I am a male of 56 years old.
    I am diagnosed with fatty liver,bisides i am geting weight.
    Kindly advise me how to get out of this problem.


    Many people these days complain of fatty liver, as can be seen from the various mails received in this column. There should be no reason for such complaints when our body is a magnificiently engineered self-healing organ which can do all healing and repair work for virtually any health condition as long as one supplies nutritious diet to the body and engages himself seriously in some form of physical exercise. Has any one seriously thought about the reasons for their falling victim to such serious health problems. ?. A little knowledge about the working of our body will bring in some sort of an awareness in one and help him to take delicate care of his body. When our body is considered as a magnificently engineered self- healing organ, that does all healing and repair work, it is all the more necessary that one knows as to what the great work our body is doing to stay fit and fine all the 24 ><7 hours.

    Reproduced below is a very interesting description about the routine things that happen from 9 at night till morning 9 in one's body.Very interesting it is. Just as we have a plan or programme to do work each day and children have a time table for their studies in different periods in the school , our body also has a schedule during which periods it performs its duties without any break unless it is sick. . What is that schedule ?. Please read on and try to remember some of the salient points.

    Here is the body schedule:-

    a) Night at 9 pm – 11pm:
    This is the time for eliminating unnecessary toxic chemicals (de-toxification) from the antibody system (lymph nodes). This time- duration should be spent by relaxing or listening to music. If during this time a housewife is still in an unrelaxed state such as washing the dishes or monitoring children doing their homework, this will have a negative impact on her health. Please remember this.

    b) Night at 11 pm – 1am:

    The de-toxification process in the liver goes on , and ideally this should be done in a deep sleep state.

    c) Very Early morning at 1am – 3am:

    De-toxification process in the gall goes on , Here also ideally done in a deep sleep state.

    d) Early morning 3am – 5am :

    De-toxification in the lungs. When this goes on , there will be sometimes a severe cough for cough sufferers during this time.Since the de-toxification process had reached the respiratory tract, there is no need to take cough medicine so that it does not to interfere with toxin removal process.

    e) Morning 5am – 7am :
    De-toxification in the colon, You should empty your bowels. One should make it a habit.

    f) Morning 7am – 9am:

    Absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. You should be having breakfast at this time. Breakfast should be earlier, before 6:30am, for those who are sick. Breakfast before 7:30 am is very beneficial for those wanting to stay fit.

    Here is a word of caution.
    1) Those who always skip breakfast, should change their habits. Rather than having no breakfast at all, it is better that they eat breakfast late until 9 am -10am, without avoiding it.

    2) Sleeping so late and waking up too late will disrupt the process of removing unnecessary toxic chemicals from the body
    g) Besides the above, from midnight to 4 am is the time when the bone marrow produces blood.Therefore, try to have a good sleep on time and don't sleep late.

    In order that one cooperates with the various functions of the body which is very important , one has to adopt a good daily lifestyle and eating habits. On reading the above details carefully , one will understand that maintaining both good eating habits and time condition are very important for our body to absorb and get rid of unnecessary chemicals according to the "schedule.

    Knowledge of these, and a little care and watchfulness on our part to maintain good health can pave the way in the long run for real health, efficiency and longevity.

  50. Dear sir,

    My son is aged 16 years his weight is 70kgs he is having frequently Abdominal pain after sonology report it shows fetty liver.
    Sir please give solution what i have to do ? what is the treatment?

  51. Hi Francis,
    you have a cluster of health problems such as dyslipidemia( imbalance of lipid levels and non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease can go to cirrhosis or dealth of liver cells. You can consult me to bring further changes in your health.

  52. Hello sir, my name robindra..from the last 15 year i am a addited drinker i am suffering from high bp know a day i brain also work properly sir plz suggest me a better option to quit alcohol

  53. my husband has been diagnosed with moderate fatty liver he is 37and weighs 68 kgs his ht is 5 ft 4inchs he was complaining of abdominal pain &nausea he is adoctor &stays on empty stomach but is totally non alcoholic he is an eggitarian how shall we fight this condn?

  54. Hello Sanjana

    I am 30 years old. Last year, i was diagnosd with little fatty lever & also permannt high value of unconjugated (indirct) billurubin.

    My doctor suggsted me to reduce my weight by 10 kgs & told me that this high value of indirect billurubin will liv with me for the whole life.

    But even after one year (after losing around 9 kgs) SGOT & SGPT are also marginally up. I am fighting with these OT,PTs & Fatty Lever since last one year, but not getting control over these.

    Kindly suggest.

    Thanks & Regards
    Gobinder Singh Kalon

  55. Today I was astonished to heard during my USG that I fatty lever, where as i am non-alcohlic person, pleae advice me to recover from this stage

  56. Would just like to tell you I am interested in your article about Indian Cooking,originally from India now in Australia 42 years usually cook Indian food, but have also done other western,Chinese cooking.Very glad to hear that Indian cooking is good for NAFLD which I have just been diagnosed,though have had problems since 67 in India having had amebic hepatitis.
    Now have had gall bladder inflamation at the same time. My Dr who is Polish but lived in Aus is an alternative therapist using a different method of diagnosing and treating with wholistic medicine. He put me on a no carbs,diary,sugar,coffee, tea etc diet consisting only of fruit,vegetables and meat restricted to fish,lambchicken and beef. No Atlantic salmon or farmed turkey.I have lost 4 kg in 6 weeks, very hard but it worked.Was only allowed olive oil, butter and eggs as exemptions and honey.If you are interested I could email his website. His name is Dr.Zenon Gruba, the only one of his kind in thewhole of Aus.He is also a properly qualified as a conventional doctor or General Practitioner in Aus.

  57. hello sir
    i am 18 years old and have grade 1 fatty liver. i have medical examination after 3 weeks. is there any way to reduce the amount of fatty acids. pls reply soon

  58. My father is dig noised for fatty lever & as per the doctor it is last stage & nothing more can be done , he can continue with medicine but it can not be cured , he used to drink alcohol every day from last 20 yrs , is there any possibility for his cure

  59. I am having fatty liver grade II and I am 33 years old.I have started to reduce my alchol intake and to control food.Now am 90 kgs.How much weight should I reduce and how dangerous is grade 2 fatty liver.

  60. please advice on the following :
    Urea: 20
    SGOT AST: 83
    SGPT ALT: 91
    Alkaline Phosphatase: 207
    Bilirubin: ,total : 1.40
    Bilirubin Indirect : 1.30
    Calcium : 8.50
    RDW: 15.10
    Lymphocytes: 46
    Monocyte: 0.18
    Eosinophil: 0.06
    Cholsestrol: 187.00
    TRiglycerides: 151.00
    HDL Cholsestrol: 119.80
    VLDL Cholsestrol: 30.20

  61. Hi,i have Fatty Liver and Jundise also past 1 year i am facing proble my junsise leaver 3.13 its not gettting down i concncled the docter and they given the tabalt also i taking whar should to solve this problem….

  62. I am feeling pain in right mid abdominal part and through ultrasonically it has been diagnosed that my Liver size has been increased and, fatty and some part is blackish due to infiltration. When I do hard work then I feel pain and inflammation on the right mid abdominal part. What do you suggest to get ride from this problem.


    Munawar Abbas

  63. i am 40 Years old i have grade 1 fatty lever, show high bp also 100/150, shall i take bp tablets or not

  64. take alpha liopic acid 900 mg? a day best supplement for the liver ;;;and 3000 mg. of vitamin C every day ..high doses of vitamin C helps to get rid of fatty liver . after 1 year get a liver enzyme count test by your doctor , no soft drinks , no juck food and your diet must be close to vegeterian ,,, eat only 20% meet … no salt , no? chinese food..protein is very hard on your kidneys ….. kidneys control your high blood pressure …love your kidneys …drink 3 litres of filter water and water with fresh lime or? lemon a day also ginger tea is good for kidneys . and no sugar or artificial sweetner they are hard on your liver . eat 3 apples and red beets every day . Make sure you dont have sleep apnea ……get checked for sleep apnea so you can lose weight ….a very good amino acid for people with bad liver is L-Orthinine …l-Ornithine-l-aspartate google it !!! may God bless you ..dont give up !! mikke5happy@yahoo.com

  65. once again for fatty lever shall i take BP tablets or not pl confirm BP IS (100/150), FOR FATTY LEVER I AM TAKING Ayurveda MEDICINE

  66. I am 33 + years old male and i just checked by ultrasound , i have a kidney stone and fatty liver since 2 years . but i have read that fatty liver have who’s person which is drink liquor, but i don’t touch in my life ‘Liquor & smoking
    please ‘
    Ram Chander
    Delhi ,INDIA

  67. And my Height 5.5ft, weight is 60 kg and B.P was 120/65 and on these days i have a high Fever about 103.6 degree.today i have no fever.. i had some Med.
    PLZ Reply Soon
    Ram Chander

  68. my 15 year old son is said to have moderate fat on his liver, other than excerise and healiter foods are there any particular foods or herbs, teas extra that would help in the distruction of the fat on the liver.

  69. I am a 37 year old lady my problem is I feel so sleepy in the day time and in the night and every hour I urinate and I just had my test on the 14th of February 2012
    HbA1c is 6.8 and the normal value should be 4.27-6.0%
    my other test is Alt-Sgpt is 51 and the normal value is 5.00-40.00U-L
    And my other test is AST-SGOT is 40 and the normal value is 5.00-37.00U-L
    Can you please advise what should I take and can you please write down my diet for me
    And I will check your site again
    And I will wait for your answer
    Thanks Sanjana I will wait for your answer

  70. i diagnose of fatty liver 2010 sometimes i took some livermate but sometimes no.cause i dont want to take to much medicine .cause i want to cure my fatty liver in a natural way. pls. give an advice on how can i cure my fatty liver.

  71. Hello, I was looking for a reason for the belly fat. I am thin height 1. 63 cm and 125 pounds but my tummy has been growing since 3 years ago. I was feeling very tired and I had diagnose hormone imbalance. DHEA and progesterone with a adrenal fatige, also gluten intolerance, now I am using the bio identical hormones cream, but I wonder what can I do best to get rid or eliminate the belly fat now.
    Please reply soon,

  72. Hello, I am 35 years old and I was looking for a reason for the belly fat. I am thin my height
    1. 63 cm and 125 pounds but my tummy has been growing since 3 years ago. I was feeling very tired and I had diagnose hormone imbalance. DHEA and progesterone with a adrenal fatige, also gluten intolerance, now I am using the bio identical hormones cream, but I wonder what can I do best to get rid or eliminate the belly fat now.
    Please reply soon,

  73. I am also having the same fatty liver problem. This website is great source of information.

    Aftab, Islamabad.

  74. BTW, I am having Siliver (a brand of Abbott with Silimarine inside) for quite some time now and it helped me to reduce fatty liver.

  75. i am 34 yr old ,wght.67-69,hgt.6 ft.i have liver prblm for last 3 to 4 year.i have also stomach ulcer for past 3 to 4 yr. i’m not reguler drinker.i take homoeopathic medicine for last 5 months and have little improvement . should i continue homoe medicine? , i have also take ayurvadic medicine named LIV. 52 DS twice daily , if it is harmful for body plz reply me soon. what is the best and reliable treatment for fatty liver and stomach ulcer .plz answer me soon .thanx …

  76. Who knows how fatty liver is diagnosed, Which are the symphtoms, Is belly fat and feeling tired for no reason one of them?

  77. Dear sir / Madam,
    my fatty liver details below under please advice what can i do.
    Liver normal in size, shape and shows mild increase in echo texture. No focal defect or lesion seen. IHBR not dilated. PV is measuring 10.1 mm.
    Gall bladder is distended. Lumen appears echo free. Gall bladder wall thickness is normal. CBD is 3.0 mm
    Pancreas is normal in size, shape and echo texture.
    Spleen is normal in size and shape. Echo texture is normal. No focal lesion or dilated vessels is seen.
    B/L kidney are normal in size, shape and CMD. The pelvicalyceal system is normal. No evidence of calculus or hydronephrosis noted. Both kidneys are moving with respiration.
    Right kidney measures (10.2 x 4.5 cm).
    Left kidney measures (12.0 x 5.4 cm).
    Urinary bladder : shows normal wall thickness and echo free lumen.
    Prostate is normal in shape, size and echo texture.
    Prostate volume 14.4 cc (approx)
    No evidence of free fluid or pleural effusion.
    No evidence of lymph nodes around abdominal aorta.

  78. Dear Sanjana

    Could you tell the five foods to avoid, with fatty liver disease, please?

    Thank you


  79. I would like to know the best way to reverse the process, is there any sort of medication that one can take.

    Because i have certain pain or say discomfort on the left side when sleeping.


  80. Dear all,
    I am 40 years old male. I have BP 82/127. in ultra sound it was found that there is a mild fatty change in the liver othrewise normal usg finding.

    Please suggest me the habit and medicine I need to take.


  81. i am a non alchoholic cronic hepatitus b person,grade one fatty liver since one year .please advise me

  82. Hi,
    I am 45 yrs old, i am a tetotaller but still have fatty lever.Recently started taking less of RICE /OIL STUFFS and daily walk.

    I always feel heavy stomach even after light dinner at 7-7.30pm. What should i do ?

  83. Hi, I’m 41,please help me understand my liver ultrasound result… The Liver measures 13.34cm in vertical lenght with diffusely increased parenchymal echopattern. The outer border is smooth. No evidence of intrinsic mass noted. The intrahepatic ducts are not dilated. The inferior vena cava and hepatic veins are not dilated. The common duct measures 0.25cm in size. The portal vein is normal in size and caliber.

    The Gallbladder is distended measuring 4.52cm in lenght with 2.26cm in width with a fixed poorly shadowing echogenic focus attached to the anterior wall measuring 0.40cm. Comet tail artifact seen at the fundus. Its walls are not thickened… i cant sleep please help me…

  84. i want the cure of my mother’s fatty liver..name-urmila agrawal..female..age-42..sonography report-liver fatty(right side)..else everything normal

  85. stop eating fried food , no junk food , no piza , no alchohol , eat 3 apples a day the pectin in the apple will get rid of chalestoral , take high doses of vitamin C ..3 grams a day and drink plenty of filtered water (no chlorine)

  86. take alpha liopic acid 900 mg? a day best supplement for the liver ;;;and 3000 mg. of vitamin C every day ..high doses of vitamin C helps to get rid of fatty liver . after 1 year get a liver enzyme count test by your doctor , no soft drinks , no juck food and your diet must be close to vegeterian ,,, eat only 20% meet … no salt , no? chinese food..protein is very hard on your kidneys ….. kidneys control your high blood pressure …love your kidneys …drink 3 litres of filter water and water with fresh lime or? lemon a day also ginger tea is good for kidneys . and no sugar or artificial sweetner they are hard on your liver . eat 3 apples and red beets every day . Make sure you dont have sleep apnea ……get checked for sleep apnea so you can lose weight ….a very good amino acid for people with bad liver is L-Orthinine …l-Ornithine-l-aspartate google it !!! may God bless you ..dont give up !! mikke5happy@yahoo.com

  87. Hi, my husband is suffering from fatty liver disease for 4-5 months.He is 34 yrs old, he is taking homeopathic medicines, but I found no improvement. His right abdominal pain and fatigue is continuous. I am worried that it might not get worsen. please advice what to do ?

  88. i have been a sufferer of fatty liver for over 6yrs now and after reading your article, i want to adopt the information here. . Thanks for sharing this useful hints

  89. Is just two days ago i have been told by a doctor that i have fatt liver – Thank you for your elaboration.

  90. I am a male of 32 years of age,recently diagnosed with Grade 2 fatty liver. How can I get rid of this problem? Besides I am gaining weight around the mid section. Kindly advise me the treatment and food I should follow.

  91. This is what im doing. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and Gallstones about 2 months ago After having elevated liver enzymes. I’ve had my gallbladder removed and a liver biopsy done about 2 weeks ago. My Doc advised that i only have 20 percent of fat in my liver and no fibrosis , Doc made it sound like I was free and clear. Was happy i had no scarring. Was told by my doc to take 800 IU of Vitamin E, but for 2 months I have been taking milk thistle with Dandelion In supplement form. I also juice and take fennel, celery, spinach, Apples, berries. I exercise 30 minutes to 1 hour every day doing either walking jogging or calisthenics.I also take omega 3 capsule form. I went down from 225 to 195lbs (surgery help some). If I want to reverse this condition its paramount to lose weight. I Chew my food like a cow because that starts the digestive track. I haven’t checked my enzymes just yet i go back in three months. My Doc stated that my fatty liver is not the reason why my enzymes were so high. I have to do lab work for Hemachromatosis Genetics. I do high fiber Low carb low fat diets. No refined carbs low to no sugar or salt. I DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! A gallon a day if I can. Clear urine is good urine. I feel fantastic!! I’m well on my way to curing the fat in my liver.

  92. hey my best frnd is havin a grade 1fatty liver in the age of 24… He drinks vry occasionally but he takes hotel food every time tel hw to cure him frm it

  93. Happy to read the answer , i am also a suffering from 2 nd grade Fatty lever .
    And under ayurvedic treatment Pls suggest me further.

  94. My grandmotherof age 64 is knwn diabeticfor8 yrs nd nw she is diagnosed as having grand1 fattyliver she wel built nd nourishd not obese md her sugar is under control.. Is there any prblm wth this cndition. Doctors didnt mention abt this bt as im a medico while gng through reports i noticed.. Iwant to knw abt this.. Plzz reply me

  95. I was diagnosed with End stage of Renal disease and under going 3 times dialysis at Home CAPD. blood transfusion was done a year ago, uinfortunately later it was found I am with Hepatis C virus. after year now they say from Positive it has been diagnised as \negative. Is it possible to reverse from Poitive to Negative.
    Secondly, whenever I take food, bitterness is felt in my tounge. any cure for this please.

  96. Hi im 30 year old suffering have cold, im always tacking antibiotic, so please tell me how to avoid

  97. Hi iam 23 years old of female from 3monts iam suffering from fatty liver grade 2.please give the gun shot treatment in natural ways.I did not have any diabetes problem, any stomach havyness,any cholesterol problem also iam not too fat but iam a mother of two child’s.

  98. Hi
    I have iron deficiency and fatty liver disease stage 1. The iron supplements are safe for me?

  99. Sir my lever is allarady fatty before two years but I am consult a Dr he repally madicin ,REHEPTIN, so this medicine is OK for my lever place inform that my age 28years thainks

  100. I am suffering from fatty liver grade 2 (alcoholic). Please suggest me food good for liver disease

  101. I am suffering with fatty liver grade 2 with pain in lower abdomen in left side. Plz advice me how can I controls it wit medicines and diets. Plz advice me.

  102. Hi
    I m 33 year old . i m suffering with alcoholic grade 2 fatty lever.

    can it be cure what should i do to cure this. Even my Triglycerides is increased in my body.

    what is best food for me to eat.

  103. My husband is having fatty liver grade 3. he is non-alcoholic and not obese. His liver enzymes show slightly higher than normal range. I am worried listening to grade 3. He sometimes say that he get body itching. That is the only symptom till now seen. And he is perfectly fine else. no sign of tiredness , no pain in abdomen. I am controlling his diet with complete oil free food and more green veggies and fruits. He do exercise for one hour daily. Please tell what should be done more to completely nullify this fatty liver

  104. i m vishal and i am 24 years old and i have fatty liver change .i got it when i undergo sonography.please tell me the precautions to prevent this

  105. I am thin and a non alcohol drinker. Recent liver studies revealed only an enlarged fatty liver. Everything else was normal. I will do whatever it takes to reverse the enlarged fatty liver. Please direct to a diet that would reverse this problem and can a diet really help?

  106. I too have fatty liver problem .I was eagercto know about it .and now got some information about it thanks

  107. Age 30-Hepatomagelly Fatty liver non alcoholic. my AST ALT is aound 50-54 how should I calcutae my stage? in this case

  108. I am 27 and my weight is 100+ I am diagnosed with fatty liver Grade-2, sometime it is swelling, I have started walking and controlling diet as per the instruction, is there any possibility of cure because I want to live a normal life again

  109. Jagadeesh age 62 years male, I had hepatitis E cured
    Now for the first time in my abdomen scan found I am having fatty liver grade 1
    What is the remedy

  110. Hi , I am 24 , I have Grade 1 fatty liver after i did a USG . I dont drink much but have non veg daily . I excercise daily too.

  111. HI,I am vishnu , 24 yrs , I have grade 1 fatty liver . I had tested high triglycerides too (435) and a cholesterol (220) . After having the medicines – adilip and Atorvastatin- My triglycerides and cholesterol levels are normal . so i have a fatty liver without cholesterol or triglycerides . That is my first concern ,
    And my second concern is , AS my cholesterol and triglycerides are normal , do i need to continue the tablets ?

  112. Hi ,

    The cure for Fatty liver for alcoholic or non alcoholic ,daily morning at empty stomach have Keelanelli Juice (phyllanthus Niruri -Scientific Name )mixed with Butter milk ,and have this also at evening .Weekly 3 days include spinach in your diet at Afternoon especially Karisalangani.At night please avoid rice ,instead have fruits such as guava,papaya,carrot juice with honey addedetc .and Night before sleep have raddish juice with Little turmeric and Honey added .If You are a non Veg Kindly avoid Chicken ,instead you can have fish .Please avoid Tea,coffee,white sugar,Fast foods….Follow the above for 1 month ,you will definitely see your problems gets solved ..Trust me….This Fatty liver ,a slow killer can lead even to severe complication such as Cirhosis ,Jaundice .So,kindly follow the above ASAP.If anything reach out to my id jagathguru.it@gmail.com

    Thanks for reading…..


  114. Preetijain can you please give me the contact number of ayurvedic doctor from whom u got ur husband treated for gall stones as I have 1 Stone in my gall bladder and fatty liver grade 1

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