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  1. sreekanth
    June 16, 2012

    Hi Sanjana
    There is an ayurvedic eye drop named Elaneer Kuzhamphu mfd by AVS Kottakal whose regular usage can protect your eye sight even in old age.My granny could read wihout glasses even in her ninties. I am hitting 38 and have good eye sight thanks to the torture in my childhood by dad. The drops burn like hell but you get used to it when you use frequently. I have googled Elaneer Kuzamphu and was pleasantly surprised to other posts with similar experiences. Even you if have sight the least the drops can do is to prevent further damage. If you are having any eye diseases conslut a ayurvedic physician but if you are healthy you can use it without fear and be the envy of others even in old age.

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