Snacking between Meals?

Snacking between Meals?

Many of my patients tell me that they do not eat between meals. It is sinfully wrong according to them but yes this approach may look like a good idea but this has a setback. It can make you so hungry that you may end up eating more than necessary and have large meals.

Overeating leads to weight gain but you may wonder that you are eating just 3 meals but still gaining weight. You may need to think about the portion size you are consuming but we end up counting the number of meals and start skipping meals like dinner(milk and fruits) and breakfast.

But on the other hand eating smaller more frequent meals and snacks can actually be a very good trick to control calories and nevertheless hunger. This keep your blood sugar stable. The highs and lows in your sugar levels can affect you especially at work making you feel hypoglycemic(low sugar) and your attention will shift from work to food.

Frequent small meals and snacks will help you to feel better and therefore help to work better. In comes freshness and out goes sluggishness.

Try it out and see the difference.

Sanjana M Shenoy is a A dietitian from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Having worked as a Dietitian for the Manipal Group of Hospitals namely KMC hospital Mangalore, India. She is also a consultant for corporate's like Infosys and others, conducting talks and presentations for various associations and local television shows. She consults at her Diet and Nutrition clinic "Nutrihealth" in Mangalore. Also is a visiting consultant to various hospitals in and around Mangalore and also runs an active online consultation.

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