Plants, People and Medicines

Plants, People and Medicines

plantsNow-a-days people have started realizing that they are drifting away from nature and are leading a hectic life full of tension , inhaling polluted air, drinking polluted water, eating all types of junk food available in the market and indulging in all sorts of excesses. No wonder ill health is on the rise. Diseases come as a natural punishment . To get rid of the diseases, man resorts to poisonous drugs and deadly chemicals which ultimately  disables and ultimately kills him.

In trying to escape diseases which are of  his own creations , man becomes  a victim of drugs and medicines. He can save himself  only if he knows the fact that right food has exceptional healing properties. Hippocrates, the Greek physician who is regarded as the Father of Medicines, once said ” Let thy food be thy medicine”. Nature can be gainfully employed to prevent as well as cure diseases.

Since pre-historic times , man has turned to plants, trees, vegetables and fruits for healing and getting relief from  physical discomfort, apart from using  them as food. Plants were therefore the earliest source of medicine and until comparatively recent times, they remained as mankind’s chief method of healing.

Even today in this age of scientific and technological marvels and advances, majority of the prescriptions for medicines from doctors have a good bearing on herbs and plants etc as their origin. Man born in the lap of Nature should recognize the value of our god given body `and  mind and maintain his health by using natural food and juices.

It is in the above background that consuming juices of Ashguard, Bitter guard, Bottle guard, garlic,amla,etc to name only a few,  are beneficial for one’s health. Fresh vegetables satisfy and nourish each and every cell of the human body They revitalize the blood stream, they activate the nerves, they rejuvenate the glands and organs, they also soothe the acid irritated tissues. Such are the benefits of juices.

Before concluding, let me say a word about the plant chemical industry. The manufacture by plant of medical substances is just one part of its great activities. Within the plant cells a great many inter connected chemical reactions are taking place silently. The most important reaction is “Photosynthesis” carried on mainly by the green leaves of the plant. This process is fundamental to our life on earth, for it provides both Food and the Oxygen we need to breathe.

Let us therefore adopt a natural way of life going back to nature, rather than living in these days of fast foods, houses made of plastic boards,cardboard, plastic  and clothing of synthetic material.

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