Overweight Children: a widening problem

Overweight Children: a widening problem

Today, children are heavier than they were 10 years ago. Not only does obesity jeopardize a healthy future, obese children are likely to have one or more risk factors, such as high-fat levels, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance, associated with heart disease.
Normally, fat decreases during the early childhood years reaching the minimum between 4 to 6 years. At around 6 to 7 years, children experience the ‘adiposity rebound ‘, a natural occurrence wherein the child’s body fat increases in reparation for adolesceence. However, when the adiposity rebound occurs earlier, that is, before the age of 5 years, children are more likely to be overweight as adults than those whose adiposity rebound ocurrs around 7 years of age.

Further, recent research shows that the longer the child has been overweight, the more likely he or she is to be overweight during adolescence and adulthood.

Sanjana M Shenoy is a A dietitian from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Having worked as a Dietitian for the Manipal Group of Hospitals namely KMC hospital Mangalore, India.She is also a consultant for corporate's like Infosys and others, conducting talks and presentations for various associations and local television shows.She consults at her Diet and Nutrition clinic "Nutrihealth" in Mangalore.Also is a visiting consultant to various hospitals in and around Mangalore and also runs an active online consultation.

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  1. Dear Ms. Sanjana,

    My son is 3yrs old and weight about 22kg. He is arround 90cm height. I believe he is obese. his menu daily is as below:

    1) breakfast 9am : cereal/ dosa/idli with dhall
    2) Lunch 11-12noon : rice+fish/chicken + vege
    3) Mid day 1 pm : milk ( 3-4oz)
    4) evening (4pm) – fruit juice ( pure)
    5) Dinner 6pm : same as lunch
    6) 8.30pm – snack ( vege/soup)

    is this healthy menu or i have to do something? he is very active child. Please advice.

    Thank you


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