retired“I often used to wonder as to who fixed the retirement age of people in service at 58 and 60. Earlier it was 55. Many I know, eagerly  wait for that Golden day when they will be retiring so that, after retirement they can take life easy, and carry on without the tension and worry  experienced daily while in service.  Till the time of retirement while working daily in the office, they were finding themselves rushing through  to catch deadlines, attending erratic meeting schedules, and also having a bite in between while on the run and rush. Skipped meals many times a month, junk food insufficient sleep at night, tension and worry always,were the daily part of their life. Retiring from service is not a joke or a merry making affair. One has to take charge of his health immediately after retirement, if it has not been done much earlier during the days while in service. One should wish to have a more  healthy lifestyle, from day one after retirement. Then only he  can live to be fit and be fit to live a healthy retired life. Otherwise he will reach a point soon, where vitality is decreasing, and feel himself slipping into degenerative illnesses and decay. If post retirement period is nor seriously taken care of and life is spent  with ease, then one fine morning  you can hear the following words. “I am getting old now. I have passed many active years. Now It is time that I must take rest and take things easy. Even mild aches and pains, I can not bear. You all manage bank work, going to market, post office, buying railway tickets etc. Leave me alone”.

“Leading an inactive and sedentary life after retirement poses many problems not only to himself but also to other family members.. Being physically active is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.The sooner it is put into practice, the better it is for the person,for the family and for one’s future. Many  ways and means exist which can become habits that will contribute to this goal of leading a healthy lifestyle.. But then, make a beginning and make it as a part of one’s daily
living is in the individual’s hand. One  will gradually come to realise, that without conscious effort and extra work, he is
gaining many benefits.”

“Here are some of the ways and means:-
Walking is an excellant exercise. It should be done at a faster pace than a slow shuffle.

If you use public transport,  do not use the nearest or most convenient stop. But get on or off a  few streets away and walk briskly.

Walk to the corner shop or post box rather than using your car or depending  on somebody.

At every opportunity, walk rather than ride.

Climb a few flights of stairs instead of using the lift or escalator.

Use your muscles for lifting objects when you are able, rather than pushing them. Even an every day practice like drying yourself with a towel after bathing can become a fitness activity for you. Rub your body briskly rather than dabbing.

While sitting at a desk or at a table, you can aid your posture and tone up your muscles. Sit erect with your back straight.Do not slump with round back and shoulders, and head forward. To tone up the shoulder, pull up arm muscles. Sit erect, place hands on the desk, palms down, elbows bend and press down trying to lift dummy body from chair. Hold the pressure for a few seconds . Repeat two or three times.

When standing, sitting or lying, tense the muscles of the abdomen and hold for about six seconds. Do this a few times each.

Constantly think of yourself, how you  look, and walk tall and sit tall, always attempting to maintaining a good posture.

Never use an easy chair for relaxing daily. Constant use of such a chair will change your back into an arc form. Instead of standing erect,  your body will gradually bend in the form of an arc, curved. You will gradually bend and stoop forward, with difficulty for walking, and looking ugly. . Then spinal problems start.

All the above will certainly help you to maintain  good health, freedom from sickness and premature senility. They all are quite simple to follow…

Very often people ask as to why physical exercise is very necessary for one and whether it will not strain and harm the body rather than doing good. Emphatically replying, the answer is a big “No”.

A convincing answer to the above question is that, human body requires regular  use of its various parts for proper
functioning  and endurance.  The human body is, different from a machine that wears out on use. Most persons would have noted how the muscles of an arm or leg  encased in PoP(plaster of paris)after a fracture or sprain become smaller, weaker and thinner, when  the arm or leg remains so encased for a long period of time. .While this is an indirect comparison and example, it is in effect what happens to the muscles of the body in a milder way when these muscles are not put to use enough. Exercise, over and above the normal demands of daily living, is therefore very essential–repeat very essential– and a must to the development of an efficient, strong and durable body.

If you have any doubt as to your capability to undertake the physical exercise programmes, see your medical advisor and get his clearance.”

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