How to lose weight with Bottle Gourd

How to lose weight with Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd
Bottle Gourd juice

Bottle gourd is one famous vegetable in the news for various reasons. Bottle gourd has gained importance for weight loss. So lets see how it can trigger weight loss.

  • It is rich in fiber and water and hence helps to curb hunger pangs. If you take the juice in the morning, you are having a fiber rich start, hence you are not ravenous for breakfast and do not overeat at breakfast.
  • Its   juice can work as a wonderful snack replacement. A glass of this juice and a bowl of fruits can be an ideal afternoon snack whenever you feel hungry.

It should not be strained with a sieve as the fiber is the key to weight loss. Just drinking bottle gourd juice will not melt your fat away. It has to be combined with a low calorie diet and adequate exercise.

Sanjana M Shenoy is a A dietitian from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Having worked as a Dietitian for the Manipal Group of Hospitals namely KMC hospital Mangalore, India. She is also a consultant for corporate's like Infosys and others, conducting talks and presentations for various associations and local television shows. She consults at her Diet and Nutrition clinic "Nutrihealth" in Mangalore. Also is a visiting consultant to various hospitals in and around Mangalore and also runs an active online consultation.

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  1. Hi Sanjana,

    Does this have any side effect?

    I have tried this juice previously, like every alternate days for about couple of weeks

    I reduced my weight but felt exhausted after having the juice, any side effects of this juice?

    thanks in advance

  2. No, it is just a vegetable. So it has no harmful effects. Are you eating very less and also drinking gourd juice. If so, that may be the main reason for your exhaustion. Eating too less can be very bad for health. But it is quite safe to consume bottle gourd juice. It is not a miracle fat burner, but can help you to cut down calories.

  3. Hi Sanjana,

    Your website gave me very good info for reducing weight and the diet plan.

    I have a small doubt.. Can girls do skipping? is it advisasble to do this exercise?. I have heard from many of my friends that skipping s not really good for ladies … is it true?…

  4. hey if i eat faty things in lunch and drinking only bottlegourd juice at night, will it help in less of fat consumption or balancing the calories

  5. Hi Bhavani,

    It is quite safe for girls to skip. It is a myth that girls cannot skip as this can harm their reproductive organs. Skipping works as a very good cardiovascular exercise. It is good for women who cannot exercise outdoors or for those who cannot go to the gym.

    But, it is contradicted to those who have weak knees as it is a weight bearing exercise.

  6. Hello Sanjana
    Readymade products of Bottle guard juice , which are available in the market are good and safe for use?
    because daily preparation of fresh juice is tidious job

  7. Hi Sanjana,
    whether this bottle gourd treatment works for mens also. if so how many timea a week should i take?

  8. Hi….is taking bottle gourd juice helps in clearing acne…I dont wish to loose weight as I am already slim.I have tried everything for acne but nothing helped so far….somebody has suggested bottle gourd juice…can it be taken if one doesnt want to loose weight..??

  9. It is always better to follow a healthy diet than follow crazy fads like only drinking bottle gourd juice…It is rich in fiber just as any other vegetable. Any vegetable juice with fiber is filling and will curb hunger pangs.

  10. Hi Sanjana I would like to loose weight and how can i obtain vegetarian diet sheet as i am lecto vegetarian?

  11. hai sanjana i saw ur articles just now only (two days ago) iam obese pls say tell me that icant take this juice and i suffer from wheezing sneezing heavy headaches pls suggest that i cant take this or not

  12. Hi,

    Just taking this juice will not help…You need to get a good diet routine planned according to your life style and activity…Just drinking juices will not miraculously make you lose weight….

  13. Weight loss is just not with bottle gourd juice. It should involve a low calorie diet and regular exercise. If you are eating much more than what your body needs, then even adding bottle gourd juice in the diet will not help you….

  14. I have taken herbalife product and reduce 7kgs how to maintenance it. I want some naturally weight reducing fruits or vegetables, please suggest me. I am now 79kg. I want to reduce my weight.

  15. I wish to know whether it is good to take mix juice of bottle gourd and bitter gourd. Whether it is help full to reduce the weight and lowering cholestrol.

  16. hi….am 23 yr old gal..with 5’4” hieght n 65 g weight..the only overconcentration of fats isaround my stomach n waist…
    though i eat very nominal diet including veggies but only my stomach gains all d fats n its alwayz buring inside though i dnt eat spicy n oily food..suggest me something plz….

  17. Hi,
    I am a diabetic..just want to know that can i have lauki juice twice a day? or u can suggest me a balanced diet plan..which foods and fruits are low in calories? what can i have in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  18. Dear Madam,

    Nice to see your site .. it has lot of information, i am in Ghana Africa, since here there lot of food difference i take more carbohydrates and to compensat i have to take protiens in form of chicken meat, can you please help suggest any food items which will give cooling effect after passing bowel Movement.pls help.. i had a inflamatory colon after a bad constipation one day and which reduced after taking the antibiotics.

  19. Hi,

    As Dr. Sanjana said, a diet should always accompany exercise to get results soon. Well that you have tried on herbalife protein diet replacing the snacks..there are vegetables and fruits which also may contribute towards weight loss if considered and consumed adequately. Firstly, you can have tomato juice mixed with little honey (i am afraid do not be too liberal in using honey). Make yourself sure of some measure, say a perticular glassful and consume same quantity everyday instead of coffee/tea habits if you have any. You can alternate the juice therapy with carrot juice, fresh lime juice, ash guard juice. You can also add salt instead of honey one day (if you are not hypertensive) and a piece of green chilli, ginger, coriender leaves to make you feel having a different taste. Avoid using unnecessary sugar and sugar products. No canned juices. You can try 2-3 teaspoonful of aleovera and/or amla juice mixed with the above said juice recepies.

    You can as well take a glass of less-fat buttermilk midday followed by veg salad which may contain raw vegetables of your choice other than potatoes with medium-sized.

    For lunch try having one or two dry chapatis or a small cup of rice if you cannot live without rice 🙂 with two little bowls of curries or sambar whatever.

    Early evening can you have a black tea, sugarless or less quantity of tea with milk and artificial sweetner.

    Dinner may you have veg soup, again not canned, freshly prepared with veg salad and 1-2 chapatis. Make sure you drink lots of water in between and frequent looing. Try walking 30 minutes a day whenever possible and increase gradually to one hour. Stair walking also helps if you could try. Keep yourself calm, less stressful towards weight loss, be focused, and never give up. Make it a point not to follow too many diets at the same point in time and do not crash diet or starve as it never helps you.



  20. Dear Nupur,

    As Dr. Sanjana says exercise also must be included in your lifestyle in order to maintain good health. You must try abdominal exercises which you may get even on internet. Once started never giveup thinking that it pains your abdominal region or giving yourself some other reason to stop. This happens with most of us when started initially. For burning sensation which i think mainly is due to gastritis, try cucumber salad with supper you eat and ash guard juice early morning instead of coffee/tea. Avoid eating sour fruits. Try aloevera juice with early morning veg. juices. Lessen the quantity of rice you are eating and replace that with raw veggies. Before you start abdominal exercises, start your exercise regimen with 30 minutes walk compulsorily.

    Good luck.


  21. I am Raghavan,I Would like to reduce my tummy.
    I have started my diet as follows.

    Morning – Drinking a glass of honey mixed with lemon and with hot water
    Planning to have a cup of bitter gourd soup.
    Also eating date fruits.
    After that having idle and dosa.

    Lunch – Normal rice with gravy, including vegetables.

    Evening – A cup of Tea along with some snacks.

    Night – Chappati or idle.

    Also doing exercise in the morning for 30 min

    Is this enough to reduce fat or do I need to do anything.

    Kindly advise.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Raghavan – Chennai

  22. Hello madam,
    how r u this is jyot nd i m 21 year old girl my hite 5″7 nd my weight 76kg rite now i m very very upset reading my 2much weight,i m vegitarian nd i m dont eat 2much so plz plz help me thanks very much

  23. Hello,greetings
    I 50 years old female .I have fibroids and I am in my Perimenupause .I was treated for peptic ulcers,and they get flared up if i take pain medication continuously for my back pain. My question is can take the bottle gourd juice for little weight loss and over ll health.PL clarify.Thank u very much for your service.God bless you

  24. Hi Bhavani,
    I think exercise is the best solution for you….walking can help you to lose weight keeping in mind your back problem….Bottle gourd juice is not acidic, hence may not be harmful to you…

  25. Hi,
    I have a Cesarean baby 2 years back, wanted to check if bottle gourd juice & 1 tbsp of flax seed powder can really help me in tuck in my tummy. Will this juice work for Cesarean patient also. Ofcourse i’ll do the brisk walking alongwith.

    Neetu Thakur

  26. preparing the bottle groud juice in night and drinking in it harmful.As i am doing the same beacuse of time constraint in morning.Kindly suggest me the solution for the same..

  27. Hi Sanjana ! I am 28. My height is 5’2″ & my present weight is 70 kilos. I am very upset with my belly fat. Is Gourd Juice appropriate for me? Could u plz advise me how to make it?

    Thank u.

  28. Yes Lula… We do accept guest posts.. Please mail your articles to info[@]

  29. My husband 29 years old is having stone of 2.8 mm in right kidney. Recent ultrasound shows fatty lever and distended kidney. what does it mean.. is it harmful?

    m worried.


  30. Hello Dr.

    I am 31 years. My height is 5’2? & my weight is 75 kilos.
    I would like to ask that just consuming bottle guard pieces will do and drinnking its juice is compulsary. Because this juice prepartion is time consuming in morning.
    I am eager to loose 10-15 kgs.

  31. hi…..
    iam 25 years height is 5′ 6” and weight is 80 kilos and i want to lose weight , before i lose weight but my weight never comes down more than 70 kilos my target weight is 60 kilos pleas guid me that if i will take bitter gourd drink will it help me to reduce weight coz im doing excersize n skipping rope n jogging plzz guide me.

  32. Hello
    I recently had a cesarean. And I am a nursing mother, and would like to know, weather I can consume Bottle gourd juice. As I am worried, that, it may affect my milk supply. Kindly respond to my query, as I am really worried about my weight, since I’ve put on 30 kilos during my pregnancy, and would like to bring it under control. And I would like to try out the Bottle Gourd juice besides excercises, but all I am concerned is weather does it effect any milk supply.
    Please answer.

  33. Hi sanjana,
    I am 25yrs, 165cm ht , n my wt is 103kgs I gained 40 kgs during my pregnancy which made me the current wt. My baby is 7 months old now n my brothers wedding is in another 3 months so I need to atleast reduce 15 kgs.. Plz suggest some diet plans..

  34. HI,
    I had taken Bottle gourd juice for 2 times (on alternate days) -a little more then half a glass.

    I had lasik in eyes 4 yrs back and delaing with severe dryness,

    But after taking this juice for 2 days ,i felt more dryness in eyes. Is it that bottle gourd juice is harmful to eyes. it was home made.

  35. HI DR Sanjana,

    Thanks for ur prompt reply.
    Actually my dry eyes condition are too much worse,my TBUT is 4 in both eyes.
    Is there anything that could reverse the toxic effects of Bottle gourd if any …or would it be again automatically return to normal after some days? i am also getting eye pains.

    Also i would like to ask regarding “GOJI(lycium)” berries to heal dry eyes. I am already taking Flax seeds currently.

    The artificial tears dont work for me. Its also becoming difficult to work on computers and in ACs. I dont want to loose my job by any means.

  36. Hi,
    Does bottle gourd juice help in reducing cholestrol levels. I have been taking this juice ever since my cholestrol level went up and have got myself checked and found that the level is normal. I was also loosing a lot of hair and now people tell me my hair has come back to its normal self. Need to know if its the bottle gourd that is working on me.

  37. Hi
    I’ve read that raw bottle gourd can be cytotoxic? Can you please comment on this please?
    Thank you

  38. hi

    i need to lose my weight(10kgs)….

    is lauki juice helpful for me….

    if yes how to prepare lauki juice and how to take in a day….

    how many days to take for loss weight….

  39. MEGHANA.

    You desire to lose 10 kgs of your body weight is appreciated, but you have not given your present body weight and your height. . Drinking louki juice alone will not help.

    Make a sincere effort to lose weight via exercise and healthy eating. You should not starve yourself. But eat in small quantities at frequent intervals. Also remember the importance of a healthy option –if you feel hungry between meals ,it is for you to decide whether it is time for an apple or even a small gulab jamun. Minimise your intake of sugar,salt, oil etc.

    As stated earlier, exercise is a must. If you cannot go to a gym and do exercise, walking for one hour daily is a great substiture. It is to lose fat and gain muscle. There are several other health benefits associated with just an hour of exercise or walking,such as reduction of cholesterol level, excretion of toxins from the body via sweat and perspiration, as well as lowering of glucose production. Even swimming is a good exercise. Also skipping. Choose one from these and do it sincerely daily and watch the result.

    Weigh the pros and cons of a lifestyle change and choose a method that will suit you.

  40. hello ,
    i m 85 kg i want to loose 30 kg of weight .
    can bottle gourd juice is helpfull in that
    if supplemented with diet regulation

  41. heloo madm,
    i had tried bottle gourd(deieting) and i loose wheight verry quickly with it but i loose my
    muscles as well… i am verry confused?? if i workout with wheights will i be able to maintain my muscles… plz help

    thnx and regards

  42. hi,viresh can u pls tell us how you take the bottle gourd soup,i mean the recipe,quantity and time,

  43. hiiiiii……….m 80kg…..n 5’5ft………..n m in need to reduce about……..20kg………..m stuffed with a lot of fat in my arms….. thighs…..tummy ……… butts…….overall m a complete package of fatness……does drinking bottle gourd help me to reduce my fat…….????????????

  44. hi, where can i buy this bottle gourd juice?…. this is the first time i heard of it, i really have no idea. 🙂 thank you!

  45. Hi,

    I would like to know how many times a week we need to require to drink lauki juice.
    I am 137lb, height 5.3 inches and i want to cut another 5lbs and i also regularly exercise.

  46. hi reduce 20 kg it is heedful for me.

    we have drinking daily bottle gourd Juice in the evening and morning drinking 2 glass warm water with wheat grass.pls help me

  47. Hi…
    I am 69 kgs…my heignt is 5.1…..recently married….i wanna put down weight ….plz….suggest me how 2 put downweight….

  48. Hi this is lakshmi.I would like to fat less in my body up to 10 kgs.Is it helpful to drink bottle guard juice.If it will be use how to prepaer th at juice and which time we have to take can you suggest ?

  49. Hi My height is 5’3 and my weight is 57, i need to reduce 7 kg weight and also my waist size which is 36 now. Can you please suggest me what should i do.

  50. Hi, My height is 5’4 and my weight is 58 Kgs.I need to reduce my weight so for how long i should take this juice and in a day how many times i need to take it. I am also doing aerobics..

  51. hello ,
    i m 85 kg i want to loose 30 kg of weight .
    can bottle gourd juice is helpfull in that
    if supplemented with diet regulation

  52. My age in 22 Yr and My weight is 67 kg ,,i want to losse 15 Kg ,how to use this bottle grd juice to reduce may weight plz help

  53. hi ….u can use btle grd as a juice fr weight reduction……peal the skin and grind the pulp in a juicer and extract the juice n njy it on empty stomach…nt adding salt r sugar is even better fr quick result.. .

  54. There is news that a person die after consuming bottlegaurd juice. He was a doctor,had vomiting of blood and died.

  55. I am40 year old my weight is 68 kg weight is 5.1″ how much weight should i reduce and how. just started thyroid symtems going for yoga thyroid is under control

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