How to know if you are going to have a Heart Attack

How to know if you are going to have a Heart Attack

Heart attackOwing to the drastic change in lifestyle heart attack has become more
common in the technological era. Yet most of us fail to identify the
symptoms when heart attack strikes. Family history of heart problems
makes one more susceptible to heart attacks. ‘Adding fuel to
fire’, erratic eating and sleeping patterns, consumption of junk
foods, overflowing stress, alcoholism, smoking and lack of exercise
are the other predisposing factors. Here are a few points that need to
be kept in mind to identify an attack and get immediate help.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

• Pain in the chest: A squeezing pain in the chest radiating to the
left arm is a sure sign of an attack or angina. Angina is the pain
caused because of the narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to
the heart. The pain intensifies with slightest movement or sometimes
even at rest called ‘rest angina’. This pain may also be due to
improper digestion and production of gas. If the pain does not subside
with antacids and continues even after a few minutes, consider it
seriously and seek immediate help.

• Heaviness of the chest: The most common sign is a feeling of
heaviness on the chest, sometimes accompanied with a burning
sensation. Approach the nearest medical facility without delay.

• Breathing and Sweating: If slightest physical activity results in
shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing along with sweating
profusely, it could be a warning sign of an attack.

• Feeling dizzy: A feeling of nausea and dizziness can also imply
the onset of an attack. Excessive stress, fatigue and feeling tired
inspite of adequate eating and resting patterns may also be warning

• Feeling numb and dumb: In some cases numbness in the arms and
shoulders can be experienced. Heart problem may result in paralysis of
one or both sides of the body and inability to speak properly.
Reading correctly the warning signs of a heart attack and seeking
timely medical help can avert a fatal attack. A regular checkup helps.

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